6-18-15 Thursday

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Attention, those of you in the Jacksonville, FL area!

Charlie and Sophia are 6 week old siblings who were found by a sidewalk (their mother is feral). The woman who is caring for them needs desperately to find a foster or adoptive home for these two sweethearts. See more pictures of them here, over at Facebook. Contact information is on the picture above.

Please spread the word!


Roseanne with the Ears of Annoyance, stomping away from Skelton. I don’t know what he did, but she certainly isn’t pleased!

Gilda and her mama.

That’s right, Louis left a billion little teef marks in that box, and he’s not sorry!

Pretty Lucy kinda has the crazy eyes going on.

Shecky lurves his mama.

Yep. Louis lurves that box!

Belushi checks out the ceiling fan.

Roseanne, not impressed.

You’d never know from looking at this picture that Rickles was just running around playing. He looks all emo here.

“No one understands me but you, springy mouse toy!”

Louis tries to figure out the best way to steal that toy from Carlin.

Looks like Skelton got it instead. And doesn’t he look guilty about it!

Gorgeous Skelton.




Video! I call this one “Mama said KNOCK YOU OUT”, and I think that’s description enough.

YouTube link.


Newt, trying to decide whether to go take a nap over there, or just stay where he is. It’s a tough decision!


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6-18-15 Thursday — 14 Comments

  1. Awww, so cute to see Mama wrasslin’ with her babies but she clearly has the upper hand…errr… paw!

    • They really are, aren’t they? Good to see she can still take them down when needed> She’s so patient though.

  2. I love that pic of Shecky with his mama.

    they’re all so adorable I want to pick them up and squish them!

  3. Robyn, where did you get those beds that attach to the window? And do they seem to be pretty steady? My Frannie loves looking out the window, but the sill is pretty small, and I’d like to find something that she could lay on (or nap on in the sunshine!). Thank you!

  4. Apparently Lucy’s tail is covered in catnip? My goodness are those little scoundrels obsessed with it!!

    • Geez, could you imagine? If she swiped it through the catnip plant a few times then went into the nursery?

  5. Does Skelton still got his baby blue eyes? They look bluer than his siblings anyway 🙂

  6. So hoping that Charlie and Sophia get their forever home soon…

    Mama Lucy is awesome!

    And for an added bonus, I got the new Sugarbutt header. If I had been drinking coffee when it came up, I’d be looking for a new computer now…
    What a riot!