6-17-15 Wednesday

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I love Gilda’s hidden spots. They’re written in invisible ink, you have to apply sunlight to see them!

Rickles and Skelton, snuggling in the sun.

Belushi kind of blends into the rug.

Gilda teaching Carlin who the boss is (hint: Carlin is not the boss).

Rickles in the sun. You think these kittens like sunshine or something?

I don’t think Skelton’s going to be awake much longer…

I love sunshine through kitten ears.

Roseanne and the Open Mouth of Outrage.

Louis reminds me SO MUCH of Stompers in this picture.

Buff bros in the sun – Shecky on the left, Skelton on the right.

Roseanne was carrying around the dog hair cat toy, growling at any kitten who came near, and Belushi ambushed her. You can imagine how pleased she was.


Video! Louis picked a fight with Skelton, and got his butt kicked. Louis sounds very much like a… I’m not sure WHAT he sounds like, to be honest. An angry Mogwai, maybe?

YouTube link.


Tommy loves the log on the patio in the back yard, and can be found there most mornings.


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6-17-15 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. Oh, those kittens — and oh, that Tommy. He simply radiates charisma and confidence in that portrait. Stinkerbelle has excellent taste!

  2. Poor Louis, it didn’t turn out at all like he thought it would. 😉

    Tommy is soooo purdy!

  3. Shadow Spots how cute! We have had a number of “shadow tabby” kittens and “shadow point Siamese” but I’ve never seen a “Shadow Jaguar Spots” before lol

    • I thought all cats were inherently shadow tabby. Learn something new every day…

  4. Tommy is so dreamy…No wonder everyone loves Uncle Tommy.

    Just as I saw that picture of Louis, I thought “man, does he ever remind me of Stompers!”.

    And thanks to everyone who chimed in yesterday when I asked to advice about my Grand Ol’ Lady! She has a vet appointment on Friday, and they’ll most likely do a senior blood screening on her. And I’m going to start looking for Liqui-Tinic up here in Canada.

  5. Gilda’s spots are FABULOUS!. And may I just say, using sunshine to find hidden jaguar spots – SO much nicer than using black light to find… well, you know 🙂

  6. Gilda’s spots are gorgeous 🙂

    Sigh…I love Louis. He obviously chose the wrong sibling to pick a fight with, though.

  7. Am I the only one who likes to hear Robyn’s voice on the videos when she talks to the kitties? You have such a sweet accent!

  8. The Norbie banner popped up just now, and how much does that boy look like that little doll Gilda?!

  9. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thanks SO much for sharing. My Mother (with Alzheimer’s) even lol!! My kitty came to investigate…

    Thank You for sharing!