6-16-15 Tuesday

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Louis from above. I just love taking pictures of the kittens from above, I don’t know why.

Belushi from above.

Shecky from above.

Roseanne from above.

Lucy from above.

Gilda from above (I LOVE the white whiskers!)

Carlin from above.

Rickles has something to say. I love this picture so much, it’s now the wallpaper on my desktop.

Skelton from above.

The whole bunch of ’em (except for Lucy, who was elsewhere).

Y’think there was a feather teaser up there or something?

“We sees you, lady.”

The kittens came through their spay and neuters just fine and were very very happy to get home. The boys were WIRED and ran around and played like crazy things when I let them out of their carriers. The boys never seem to know they’ve had anything done. Gilda and Roseanne were much quieter and curled up together to nap, but by bedtime they were racing around like crazy things, too. The really good thing about spaying and neutering them when they’re this small is that they bounce back after surgery amazingly quickly.

They’re scheduled for their rabies shots next Thursday morning (except for Carlin)!

I got the foster room scrubbed down yesterday – took me a couple of hours – and by bedtime, they’d trashed it again. Was I surprised? Not at all!


Video! Wild monkey kittens being… wild monkey kittens!

YouTube link.


Sugarbutt, in his favorite place to hang out, atop the cupboards in the kitchen. Have you ever seen such a content little face?


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6-16-15 Tuesday — 23 Comments

  1. I love wee Carlin’s little wispy whiskers! Can I ask a question of you and your readers? I have 2 seniors – Atticus is 17, and Mae is 16. Now, at 17, Atticus is the picture of good senior health, so I don’t have much to compare Mae to of late. But, she seems to be sleeping a lot. Yesterday, she didn’t come to greet me at the door when I got home from work, didn’t wake up for snack time, and didn’t make an appearance at all until I went to bed. I checked on her several times though, to make sure she was OK. She eats OK, barfs the odd time, but just seems pretty lackluster of late. I’m going to take her into the vet on Friday. But – is it normal for seniors to sleep so much? Other than that, she seems a bit needier, but still uses the litter box OK. I’m just worried about my Baby Mae…

    • I have a 21 year old female and a 17 year old male and they both sleep a lot more now than they ever did (the girl moreso). The female has also become more needy, which is sweet because she was always very independent.

      Aside from her developing cataracts, both are in perfect health (they just had their checkup) & eating & litterbox habits are the same as usual (good). When my mum’s cat got to be about 15, she started sleeping a lot more, too.

      When I get home from work, my male cat is always at the door to greet me but with the female it depends on how deeply she sleeps… sometimes I’ve had to go over to the couch to check that she’s still breathing and yup, she’s just snoozing away so I don’t wake her.

      • Thank you, everyone who chimed in. Basically, I agree with what they all said – it can be normal, a vet visit is definitely warranted, and I cannot sing the praises of Liqui-Tinic highly enough!

    • I agree with Sourpuss. Just like elderly humans, elderly kitties sleep a whole lot more, too. Just give her extra kisses and cherish your time with her.

    • And maybe get some foot stools, boxes, corner of a trunk, or something to help the elderly jump up on the bed, sofa, counter, etc.

    • I agree, it can be, but it is good to have a senior blood panel done just to be sure.. my girl gets anemic and she becomes a bit more sedate when it happens

      • Certainly get her to the vet for a check and a blood panel – and while there, ask your vet whether Liqui-tinic might help. I am convinced the tonic gave my 20 year old Cagney another good year, and others here – including Robyn – have used this for their senior cats with good results. Hugs to you, Mae, and Atticus!

  2. They do all look SO cute from above!! Love the pix of them all on the bed!! I am so amazed how you accomplish that, worn out after its done?? πŸ™‚
    Looking back one year I couldn’t help but giggle….The Cheez Doodles loved to smack at Orlando’s tail, and just last night I watched as Orlando was like the kittens himself, cautiously trying to touch his new big brother’s paw…. LOL

  3. How does Stinkerbelle like Sugarbutt on her cupboards? We need a *glare* picture! Actually, I would love a Throwback Thursday with lots of glare pictures. I know you have a whole lot of Alice glaring pictures. I often enter that in the search box just to look at them…

    • Sugarbutt’s pretty smart – he doesn’t get too close to Stinkerbelle, and gives her her space, so she doesn’t have a problem with him. πŸ™‚

  4. What I don’t understand is how anyone wanting to get a kitten could watch that video and only get one. They’re so much better in pairs.

    • …and makes for happier kittens. Also, you can mix and match. I got two kittens for my dad…each was from a different litter. They instantly got a long (she cleaned his ears on their first encounter).

  5. I just love taking pictures of the kittens from above, I don’t know why.

    Because they look so adorable, looking upward and deceivingly earnest/innocent.

  6. I have a question for the readership… I’m sure we’ve all had our share of long cat scratches, intentional (!) or not (sudden loud scary noise). I never seem to be able to find long skinny band-aids that will cover scratches averaging 3-4 inches long. The longest band-aid lengths I can find never seem to be quite long enough, or are way too wide. Has anyone come across a good product to bandage these long scratches?

  7. Love videos of kittens playing! Leap, jump, slide across the floor, get up, keep playing! They don’t care! An adult cat slides like that they have to stop, sit and lick them selves like “I meant to do that..”

  8. I not only admire your photography skills, but the shopping skills that allow you to purchase bedspreads, blankets, baskets, rugs, etc. that coordinate so well with the various colors of kittens.

    • You are TOO kind – I have no shopping skills, it’s mostly a matter of buying what’s on sale. πŸ™‚