6-16-05 – Mia & babies.


I had to go to the vet’s yesterday to pick up some medicine for Spot, and while I was there the vet’s assistant asked about Mia, and I said “She’s still having diarrhea. It was firming up for a while, but now it’s back to liquid. They checked her stool sample on Monday and found nothing.”, and she said “Well, that sounds an awful lot like coccidia. If she’s continuing to have diarrhea, you should get another stool sample and bring it in so we can check it.”

And so I came home and ate lunch and grabbed the phone, the hand-held vacuum cleaner, the book I was reading, and settled into the cat room. It was about 1:15 when I went in, and I decided to wait ’til 2:30 and then give up for the day, because I had leftover turkey bones a-boilin’ for turkey soup, and the whole making of the turkey soup once the bones have boiled for a couple of hours takes another hour and a half or so between the picking of the meat off the bones once it’s all cool enough to handle, and the peeling and chopping of the carrots and celery, and there was no way I was going to be running back and forth between the kitchen and the cat room, ’cause my knees just can’t take it.

Around 2:20 Mia ran over to the litter box, and I was right behind her with a serving saver container and the poop scoop, and as soon as she was done I stopped her from kicking litter over it, and I scooped the whole stinking mess into the container (and you should know that the idea of doing something like that makes me want to barf, but in practice I don’t actually have too much of a problem with it) and ran it to the vet.

Where they ran tests on it and didn’t find a single thing. Which is good, I guess, but she’s still having diarrhea and tromping through it.


We’ll be giving the kittens their deworming medicine tonight, and weighing them at the same time. I swear to god, Snoopy is getting so big he’s probably gained a pound in the last week. If they’re all within a few ounces of two pounds, I’ll be calling the vet tomorrow to make an appointment for spaying and neutering.

(Is it wrong that I’m kind of hoping they’re not all close enough to two pounds?)

I’m not sure what was going on here – I think Peanut was hanging out in the litter box, and it was bugging Snoopy.

Oy loves the socks.

Flossie attempting to nurse. Mia didn’t put up with it for long.

Sleepy Edgar.

Edgar comes for a visit.


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