6-17-05 – Mia & babies


Well, we weighed the kittens last night and Oy – the lightest – is just under 2 pounds. The rest are over two pounds with Snoopy, aka Porky, at almost 2 1/2 pounds. I called the vet this morning to make the appointment for spaying and neutering. I was not terribly dismayed to find that they couldn’t get them in right away, to tell the truth.

They’re set for the week after next. Tuesday they’re going to do three of the boys, and Thursday they’re going to do Mia, Flossie, and the other boy. I thought they’d keep them overnight, but the woman I spoke to said that they’d be able to come back home that same night.

::sob:: Mah babies are growin’ up!

Oy has developed the MOST IRRITATING HABIT EVER. He’s started climbing up my back to my shoulder so he can bat at and try to eat my hair, then he jumps down and runs off and comes back a while later to do it all again. It’s mostly okay, because he’s the lightest kitten, but Snoopy saw him do it and gave it a try, and I almost passed out from the pain of him sinking his claws into my back and trying to pull his porky butt up my back.

I think I’m going to have to start sitting with my back against the wall.

Edgar gives Flossie a look o’ love.

Someone needs a belly rub.

Baff time.

Flossie practices her maitre d’ pose. All she needs is a little towel.

I see… a lot of expensive cat food in my future…”

“A little help here, lady?”


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