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Marshall likes to hide between the two pile of pillows and then POP! out to surprise me.

Gilbert keeps an eye on the ceiling fan.

Doesn’t Mooch have just the most stunning eyes? Fred thinks he’s the cutest of the bunch.

Grant’s pretty sure Fred is WRONG.

Blaster the sweetie pie (Marshall’s tail, and Gilbert in the background).

“What doon, lady?” (Gilbert)

Marshall biting Gilbert, who is showing us just how VERY outraged he is by this nonsense.

“Is time for nappin’, lady?” (Gilbert)

Gilbert likes to smack at Orlando’s tail (okay, ALL the kittens like to smack at Orlando’s tail.)

Sweet Orlando.

“That is a cool looking room in there with a good-lookin’ boycat. How do I get in THERE?”

Orlando, flopped down in the sun and watching kittens tussle.

Orlando took a couple of days, but he’s gotten pretty relaxed and accustomed to the routine. He likes hanging out with Dennis, and the kittens don’t scare or worry him at all – on Saturday I went upstairs for nappin’ time, and as I was laying on the bed with kittens scattered around me, Orlando jumped up on the bed, and casually flopped down against me while pushing Grant and Gilbert away with his big ol’ bunny feet. He likes to watch them play, and he’ll put up with them going after his tail (also, that boy has got the biggest, thickest tail I’ve ever seen. I swear it must weigh as much as any of the kittens!)

Fred said “I thought Dennis was a brown tabby, but he looks gray next to Orlando.” I think Dennis is a brown tabby (that’s how I think of him), but next to Orlando he certainly looks more gray than brown. Orlando’s like Corbie – Corbie’s got that brown-orangey (or, if you prefer, “caramel”) color going on. In fact, I think Orlando and Corbie look like they could be brothers, they’re colored so similarly.


Newt would like you to know that although it’s dryer than it was last week, the ground is still wetter than he’d like, and something needs to be done about it NOW.


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6-16-14 — 13 Comments

  1. I know Fred would never say who is cutest in front of the kittens. But kindly remind him if he forgets that he needs to spell the words out so they don’t get hurt feelings. Just sayin’…

  2. I randomly thought of a new name theme for a next batch: All the same name! I’ve only thought of Jack names: Jack, Jackie, Jacqueline, Giacomo (pronounced like Jackomo), Jackson, Jax, Any others I’ve forgotten? Any other groups of names like this? (I posted this on a different foster fbook, and someone listed a bunch of names where I couldn’t see how they all went together, except that they all ended with ‘n’ which, as a same-name theme, was kind of lame, IMO.