6-17-14 – Toesday

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Toes, toes, toes!

Mooch and his multi-colored toe beans. (And Blaster, who can never resist a twitching tail.)

Blaster, out cold.

Gilbert has the sleepies.

“Look at my toes! LOOK at them!” (Gilbert again.)

Grant, biting the feather teaser stick, and exposing his pink toesies.

Grant admires his toes.

“Look! Toes!”

More of Grant’s toes while he cleans his tail.

Marshall, showing off his own set of pink toes.

“Haaaaaave you met my toes?”

A last shot of Mooch’s multi-colored toes.


Maxi always looks like she’d be super happy to slap that camera right out of my stupid hands. She is FED UP with my shenanigans.


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6-17-14 – Toesday — 11 Comments

  1. Oh Grant, those cuddled toe bean pictures are too much! I just want to kiss and nibble on those little pawpads. BTW, on that bed picture, he looks darker than the usual a-touch-too-dark-for-buff. Is his coat getting darker?

    Oh Maxi, what a sour face. Be careful, it may freeze that way.

  2. I particularly love the picture with the caption “Grant admires his toes”!!! Just adorable!

  3. Loving Toesday !!!!

    I’m curious ……. Did Marshall fall off the bed anytime after that picture was taken ?? He looks very close to the edge and you know how kittens are when they are concentrating on something, one little move and plunk they go on the floor !!!

  4. Oh, Grant folded over in your lap with his big bunny feet in the air is the CUTEST thing!

  5. The photo of Maxi reminds me of my grandmother, who was 5’2″ and weighed all of 130 lbs. She hated, hated, HATED my dad’s camcorder, which he carried around obsessively and filmed everything that happened when I was a teenager, and she would often tell him that she would slap that camera right out of his hands. He never stopped trying to get her to smile on camera, for his part.