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On Saturday, I got some great news – Kate was adopted! She was adopted by a couple who have a male black cat (whose name is Sgt. Black Ops because when they turn out the lights at night they can’t see him) and a dog (Gus) who’s currently in a training class. Her official name will be Catherine, Princess of Cambridge, and her nickname will continue to be Kate. They bought a pink collar with rhinestones for her. Is it just me, or do they sound pretty amazing?

Yay, Kate!!! I was starting to think that she’d still be at Petsmart when her kittens got there, but she was really only there for about a week and a half, so that’s not bad at all – especially for an adult black cat!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Norbert would NOT look at me, no matter how many toys I waved by the camera. He was too busy staring at the bright lights in the ceiling fan.

“What, lady, WHAT? What you WANT?!” How amazing are Ruth’s eyes? Wait, I want you to see the violet ring around them.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it? If only they could stay that color!

Ember always looks so worried.

Khaleesi, keeping an eye on the door.

Pouty Puff.

Scorch is such a stunner.

Scorch and Norbert, playing with a Kong kicker. Norbert is turning out to be quite a bit floofier than I expected.

Puff, dragging a toy across the floor. They sure do love these long-tailed mice.

I weighed the Dragons yesterday (weight chart is at the bottom of that page). There’s been a bit of a flip since last time I weighed them. Scorch is still the largest, but instead of Puff being the second largest, Ruth has now taken that title. Ember’s still the smallest, and Norbert has widened that gap by 1 1/2 ounces. If you saw Puff and Scorch side by side, you’d think they were the same size, but Scorch is now 4 ounces heavier than Puff. There’s a 6 1/2 ounce gap between the largest (Puff) and the smallest (Ember), which isn’t too bad.

Someone asked in the comments how long it would be before the Dragons could get over the barrier at the door. The answer is that they have NO problem getting over it, and half the time when I open the door one or more kittens are hanging out between the barrier and the door. We’re making plans to switch the foster rooms – since the Royals are out in the house most of the day, it’s not a big deal for them to be in the smaller room at night. And the Dragons will have more room to run and play. I expect they’ll really like the bigger cat tree!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Leia takes a sniff of the air return grate in the hallway.

You know, those mats with the pointy things are there to prevent cats from getting to the air return grate. We had an issue, some months back, with someone spraying on it (grrrr). So I put training mats there to keep them away. Everyone – EVERYone – avoids those things. Everyone except Leia. Apparently having little pointy spikes poking into her paw pads doesn’t bother that girl at all.

Charming, grabbing his tail.

“I see you, Mister Tail.”

Pretty girl.

Leia in the sun.


I left this box on the kitchen floor because I thought it was just the right size for the Royals. And I was right – it’s a very popular box.

Buttercup likes to keep an eye on me.

The Royals are off to be spayed and neutered tomorrow! They’re all plenty big enough and could have gone weeks ago, but I opted to wait. They’ll be fixed and get their rabies shots, and then we’ll just be waiting for room for them at Petsmart. They’ll stay overnight at the spay/neuter clinic tomorrow, and when they come home, they’ll be moving into the smaller foster room (I’m going to be spending part of Tuesday scrubbing down the larger foster room and moving Khaleesi and the babies over, then scrubbing the smaller foster room in preparation for the Royals’ returns). They won’t have any idea what happened to them, poor babies (and yet, I suspect they’ll be just fine.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alice Mo, hanging out under the privet bush in the back yard. Unless it gets very very hot, very very cold, or is raining, she’s hanging out under that bush.

Also, just so you don’t have to go searching for it!

(YouTube link.)


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6-17-13 — 27 Comments

  1. Those dragons are the cutest bunch of kittehs ever and NO I haven’t made that claim before!

    • I’ve noticed that you’re very sparing with your praise for my kittens, so the Dragons must be SOMETHING, alright. πŸ˜‰

  2. HRH Catherine’s new servants sound PERFECT ! cool cat namers, who understand the awesomeness of black kittys are the best type of muggle…

    • I told Fred that they adopted a black cat, realized how incredibly cool black cats are, and had to have another one! πŸ™‚

      • The only thing that isn’t wonderful about a black cat is what happens when you walk around in the dark.

        • Yeah but that’s worse for the black cat than for you – and they probably accept it in exchange for a loving home. Plus they just need to learn not to lie in the middle of the floor! πŸ™‚

  3. Good for Kate! I swear, Leia just gets more beautiful by the day. I suspect someone will adopt her pronto, and she’ll live the life of a true spoiled Princess.

  4. Yea Kate. So happy to hear this news. Black Ops! That is a fantastic name. I love them.
    Miss Leia has an amazing pattern on her coat. In the picture by the air vent where she is stretching out I think that is the first time I could really see the pattern. Amazing.

  5. WAIT…when did the Dragons turn from little roly poly fluff balls into little cats??? I saw the first picture and said, “No Robyn, that is NOT Norbert…you have mis-labeled a Buttercup or Charming photo!” Of course, upon closer inspection I had to eat my words, and then sadly whine “But I don’t want da baybees to grow up just yet!”. THEN you hit me with the Royals going off to be spayed and neutered, with Petsmart right around the corner…

    I’m going to go pout in my office now. πŸ™

    *Stops pouting for a moment to say – “Yay for Kate and her new fun family!!” – returns to pouting*

    • When I saw that picture of Norbert, I realized how fast they’re growing, because I thought it was Buttercup, too, and I wondered when she’d gotten all the white on her face. I swear you could just sit and actually see them growing.

  6. That picture of Leia stretching is just stunning. What a pretty girl.

    Norbert is getting fuzzy. Whatever happened to the Ferrari-envious sleek curves? And yes, Ruth does continue to have the most stunning eyes. And I think that I need to find another word for “stunning.” Yet when I look at those kittens, that’s what I think, they’re STUNNING.

    And I can’t think of better news for Kate. Looks like she’s going to continue to be pampered and spoiled as befits royalty and a lady.

  7. As a “Catherine” myself, I’m so glad Kate’s keeping her formal name! And that they are treating her like the princess she is!

  8. BEST NEWS EVER!! Re: beautiful Princess Catherine finding a forever home!! Awww that is just the best news!!!

    Purrs and hugs to the sweet Royals for their vet’s appt! And Khaleesi and her babies are lovely!

    Take care

  9. I feel like an idiot. Every time I listen to that little cat singing about Alice Mo, I laugh. I guess I am just a cheap joke person!!!!! It is really cute, I love it.

  10. So happy for Kate! A pink rhinestone collar–perfect πŸ™‚

    I’m surprised your house isn’t littered with boxes for the kittens and cats!

  11. Yay, Kate! When I saw the first picture, I seriously thought, uh oh, Robyn has succumbed to the kitten dementia… that’s NOT Norbert, certainly too fluffy for Norbert… she must be confused… But, what the? Ermegerd!!! He is fluffy!!! Oh, now he has my WHOLE heart… not just the soft spot for his story and his cuddle lovin’ ways…. awwwwwwwwww
    By the way, not sure if you saw this or I missed it when you posted it… Cats Beavers and Ducks has Jareth…. (this may be old news and (again) I’m late to the party!!! http://catsbeaversandducks.tumblr.com/post/52958090914/via-love-hisses

  12. I agree with SC Amy. I just want to pout that the Royals and Dragons are growing up WAY TOO FAST !!!! I could not believe how fluffy Norbert is looking. Also a couple of the pictures of Leia, she does not look as fluffy as usual. I guess since she is growing so much the fluff is spreading out more !!

    Ruth is SO PRETTY !!!!!!! I can say it enough times I really wish she could be mine !!!

    Kate deserves to be spoiled and she has found a true cat family !!!!!

    cuddles to the all the kitties !!!!

  13. Yay for Kate!!
    Puff and the long tailed mouse.. am I the only one who thought: Puff ‘n the mousie, dragin’ loved the long tailed toys.. or some variation thereof?

  14. Yay Kate!

    And…Is this a third kitten smashed into the photo that we can’t see all of (Ruth’s chest here): http://www.flickr.com/photos/robynanderson/9030826412/
    …Or is it a definitive (and affirmative) answer to the “Ruth: Tri-Color Or Not?” question? πŸ˜‰

    ….If I didn’t already have my max # of cats, I’d be catching a flight to acquire Khaleesi…I just love those inquisitive looks she does… πŸ˜‰

  15. Good Lord…look at how big their ears got already (dragons)! Good to see Norbert’s head is catching up with his ears. He reminded me of Beulah and he’s finally reached that stage where he doesn’t look like a little alien. Both of those litters are such pretty kittens and have good mommas.

  16. I’m just so happy for Kate! Are you sure her name isn’t Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The real Catherine isn’t a princess, but is a duchess. Or does kitty Kate get a grander title?