6-17-10 – Thursday

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Here’s a question for y’all: say you’re laying on the couch minding your own business. Then a cat jumps up, and heads in your direction, but stops suddenly. He starts sniffing wildly at a certain spot. He sniffs and sniffs and sniffs. Then he does the cat version of a shrug, and continues along his way.

Do you get up and sniff where he was sniffing to see if you can figure out what he smelled?

Or is it just me?


Reacher’s all “Play with ME! Play with ME! I wanna play tooooooo!”

Bolitar says “Okay, then. ::CHOMP::”


Sheila and the camera strap.

Sheila has finally captured the elusive tail! She can’t figure out why she feels pain every time she bites it, though.

“I GOTS YOU, pink feathers!”


Does Franco look like the cuddliest little teddy bear, or what? He’s such a snuggler!

The Rescuees are off to be neutered (and spayed) in a little while. They don’t have any idea why I haven’t come in to give them their morning snack, and when I go in and immediately put them in carriers, they will be most displeased, I imagine.

It’s a 25-minute drive to the vet – I’m thinking I’d better stock up on earplugs!


“Hey! Can you get Mom? Joe Bob’s hoggin’ the cave, and I need some quiet time in there before Snackin’! Time!”


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  1. I questioned my cats on the propriety/usefulness of sniffing where they sniffed (not sure if I’ve ever done that myself but I’ve certainly wondered!) and they have given me their answer: “Humans, it is well known, have only a residual sense of smell, so it is no use them trying to smell what cats can smell, unless it something a cat can smell five hundred cat-lengths away.” By the way, I am totally in love with the Bookworms; as a tabby-slave, I find them irrisistible!

  2. Ha ha, one of our most recent fosters LOVED napping in the moving box we turned onto its side. She would have stayed in there all day if we didn’t tempt her with other things like food.

  3. I love how “Yeah, whatever. Zzzzz.” ElJake is in reaction to B’s tender ministrations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’d sniff. Yup. Definitely.

    And please pack Franco up for me. I’m sure his teddy bear stuffing is enough to cushion him for the safe trip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. I always sniff or investigate where my Cat is sniffing. In the past it has yielded a broken and leaking water pipe that I never would have noticed on my own, as well as am Ant problem in another room.
    The Cat knows, so I always check.

  7. Well, I have done it depending on what they are sniffing – especially when it is the bed lately (what with our new bed pee-er and all) but then sometimes I just am like, eh, whatever. I think it is mainly if it is something that shouldn’t have some sort of weird smell that I will check it out.

    And of course everyone is just adorable as always!