6-18-10 – A post to say that there’s no post today.

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Here’s a word of wisdom from me to you: when it’s been intermittently raining all day and you need to take a large armload of stuff out to the garage, a trip that requires a journey down some wet steps?

It’s best not to wear Crocs on your feet.

I slipped and skidded down the side steps last evening – my foot flew out from under me and I fell so fast I had no time to think “Really, are you kidding me? I’m FALLING?!”, and the next thing I knew I was laying on the steps surrounded by everything I’d had in my arms the moment before.

I’m okay, I’m just really stiff and sore. I wrenched my shoulder, and banged the hell out of my elbow. It hurts like hell to bend my left arm, so sitting and typing an entry is out of the question.

I’ll be back on Monday, but here’s a question you can ponder ’til then:

Who’s THAT?!


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6-18-10 – A post to say that there’s no post today. — 14 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope it didn’t damage your wrist or typing fingers!

    I don’t know who dat is, but I think it might need to come in and have a cuddle?

  2. Ouch!! I bet you’re going to have some really pretty bruises! I hope the soreness goes away soon.

    Looks like your “Homeless Kitty Magnet” is functioning well. Can’t wait for the story on this one!

    Beth P.

  3. Dat is a kitteh what needz sum luvin.

    I’m glad you weren’t seriously injured. My cousin fell while carrying stuff up some steps, but she landed with both arms outstretched, which resulted in fractures in both forearms. Count your blessings!

  4. Oh no!!!!!!!! Are you ok??? Are you in pain?? Are you resting and throwing your crocs away?!?! Oh ok – crocs can be useful but please don’t wear them in the rain ever again! You poor thing. I hope you rest and take things easy.

    As for the kitty.. no idea but doesn’t he or she just look so ADORABLE and in dire need of a great big cuddle??? :-)Oh yes!

    Take care

  5. Ugh, can so relate. Did the same thing a couple of months ago on a set of wood stairs while I was wearing socks. My elbow was banged up pretty good, along with my butt! Here’s hoping for quick recovery and lessons learned. I learned that when someone has wood stairs and mandates no shoes inside, to take off my socks too! 🙂

  6. Oh that stinks – I can sympathize after falling a couple months back with a cat in my arms. And boy is it true about Crocs and water – or snow (learned that the hard way getting out of the car – luckily I didn’t slam my head into the footboard thingy on my boyfriends truck). They are great when standing on a hard floor but slip resistant they are not! We are glad you survived and hope you are feeling better very soon!

    Oh and that is a cat in the window – you may never have seen one of those before (hee hee).

  7. 2 years ago this month, I stepped on some wet mossy algae in my Croc flip flops. Before I knew it, I had landed hard on my left knee and broke my kneecap. Two years later, I can finally walk downstairs like a normal person. I still have the Crocs, but they don’t go outside!

  8. Oh, dear, that sounds painful. Sure glad it wasn’t any worse. I did a 3 a.m. fall on the steps, the poor kitty I was holding was up and over my shoulder on the way down…had some violent-looking bruises on my posterior, but was otherwise alright. Not a good feeling tho.
    I loooovvee the posts and photos so much, can’t say it enough, it IS my daily fix!
    take care.

  9. Oh! We finally found your website! We have had many people purchase Ham-Micks because they have seen them on your site!!! Thank you so much!!!

    We luf your cat fotos!!! You are very good with a camera! And all of your baby kittens remind us of when we USED to foster. Hence, the 10 cats that we have today…

    Sorry to hear about your elbow and shoulder. We hope it gets well very quickly.

    Luf, Us

  10. Dear Robyn,
    ouch-ee! Mum has learnt that crocs are not to be trusted in wet weather as well. she slipped in the garage when she was walking sedately to drive somewhere and you know, now that she thinks about it, her left hip has been sore since…hm….
    We hope you feel well soon, let the kitties do cat magic on you, doesn’t hurt at all and it helped mum’s wrist years ago. sounds like she’s falling apart our mum, doesn’t she? Shhh!!! Um, is that cat ah…we don’t know. sigh.