6-15-13 – Kitturday

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It’s kind of hard to tell from this picture, but ALL FIVE of them are crammed on that little doll bed.

“Charming is crushing me. Halp.”

Charming and Aslan, curled up on the couch. (How funny is it that they’re snoozing next to a magazine with Kate Middleton on the cover?)

Buttercup and Jareth on the other couch.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Four of the five (I think Ruth was sitting in my lap, as she likes to do.)

I sure do love an open-mouthed kitten.

The boys.

“Come HERE. I want to bite you on the face.”

Oh, the Norbs. I sure do love this boy.

Norbert, Ruth, and (underneath Ruth) Ember, in my lap.

“We’re trying to sleep, here. Can you make him get his big stupid foot out of my face?”

He is such a brat, so casual. “What? Am taking bath!”

“I likes to keep clean, you know.”

Since I was lax about posting videos this week, there are two today. First, Ember, Puff, and Ruth are hanging out and being adorable, as they tend to do.

YouTube link.

And secondly, one that’s a couple of weeks old – Scorch being a cutie. These kittens, seriously. They kill me dead!

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m not sure what Alice was hoping for here, but Jake just kept on sleeping.


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6-15-13 – Kitturday — 11 Comments

  1. I bet you didn’t know how avant garde you are there with your kitten scratcher wiggle made of cardboardy stuff. I saw these at the Dallas Museum of Art store and thought, how cute that they sell cat stuff. Till I saw the price. Frank Gehry indeed.


  2. Look how handsome Norbert has become; that lucky fellow simply oozes charisma! (By the way, could exclaim about everything in this super bonus post. Thanks, Robyn.) Here’s hoping that beautiful Kate finds her home today.

  3. Gah! The cuteness level today is so high that there needs to be a warning on the Emergency Cutecats System! 🙂

    Poor Buttercup looks like she is gasping for air in that first picture! So much tuxie goodness that I must now go kiss my own tuxie boys! (Along with smooches to my tabby girls!)

  4. The Scorch Man has some pretty big feets! LOL, he reminds me of my baby Malcolm when he was a kitten, big feets and long legs.

    How long before they can climb over that little barrier? Or have they already…

  5. Do any of your cats chew things? My cat is always chewing the corners of paper and books in my room – and rubbing her face against furniture that leaves brown marks. It’s really annoying – everything is getting ragged. She seems to not do it if she’s eaten recently, but putting food down doesn’t always work – it’s like she doesn’t know it’s there, and if this is her way of showing hunger, she’s hungry all the time! Do you know of something cheapish I could buy for her to rub her face against and chew? It can’t be anything small enough for her to pick up, because then she’ll take it into the lounge room where the dog is and the dog will claim it.

    • My cat doesn’t chew, but she does rub her face on everything. She’s scent marking, and I also think it just feels good. We call it “making nice” and it’s adorable! I would recommend Feliway, either the spray or the diffuser, for items that you don’t want her to mark (they’ll already smell like her), and also put out a box or something that is ok for her to gnaw on. You can find a rubber bristled item that you can put on the corners of doors or walls, and she might end up loving that.
      By the way, cleaning the markings is easiest with a water-based cleanser (ie not Windex). We just accept that they are part of owning a happy cat!

  6. Just saw that Kate was adopted: hip, hip, hooray! And Happy Fathers’ Day to Fred, a superb — and witty — patriarch.