6-15-10 – The Rescuees & the Bookworms.

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Franco does his best to look innocent.

::SIGH:: “There’s nothing to DO! I’m borrrrrrrrrred.”

Pardon the blur, but the look on Garrity’s face is KILLING ME.

“What WAS that pink feathery thing?!”

Sheila’s SO calling this one in. She’s all “Oh, ow, you’re right, you’re the biggest and the strongest. Oh, ow, you’re hurting me. You are totally the boss, yeah, yeah. Hmmm… how long has it been since I painted the ceiling, anyway?”




Rough life, boys.

Corbett and Rhyme. They sound like a couple of detectives, don’t they? “No one’s solved the case of the missing catnip yet?! Someone call Corbett and Rhyme!”

“Hallo, laydeez!”


Despite appearances to the contrary in this picture, Miz Poo DOES have a chin. I swear it!


2008: No entry.
2007: Which reminds me, last time I had a sit-down with The Lord, The Lord informed me that doing what might lead to business on Sunday is FORBIDDEN, but abandoning as many of His Creatures to fend for themselves and be hit by cars and lay dying on the side of the road is A-OK with Him! It’s in the Bible!
2006: No entry.
2005: Poop Watch v. 2.0, currently in progress.



6-15-10 – The Rescuees & the Bookworms. — 8 Comments

  1. Awwww Franco is SO innocent! LOL!!!

    The Rescuees are adorable!! Garrity and Sheila playing are so cute – and what a great action shot of Garrity there!

    My goodness but the Bookworms are growing ever so big now! Wow – what handsome kitties. πŸ™‚

    Miz Poo. What can I say? You are STUNNING!
    Take care

  2. That looks like kitten paradise! And the look on Garrity’s face is truly priceless.

    Miz Poo is just gorgeous – what a pretty girl.

  3. I love her, she’s beautiful. But I see no chin on Miz Poo. πŸ™‚

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