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I just love this video so much!


Wow, that’s really dastardly of you to just spring those extra Doodles on us like that. I nearly died! This batch, and now with the newcomers, just seems like it’s going to be so much FUN!!

I like to keep you guys guessing!


This reminds me of Stefan.

Oh, I can definitely see him doing that!


I had no idea that Miz Poo ever went outside; great to see her in such splendid form!

She does go outside, but not a lot – Tommy and Kara would spend 24 hours a day outside if we let them, but Miz Poo just occasionally goes out for a stroll around the yard. The only permanent resident who doesn’t go outside at all is Stinkerbelle. It’s not that she’s not ALLOWED to go outside, it’s that she’s just never done it. Possibly the cat door intimidates her.


Dennis looks just a wee bit… rotund?

Nah, he’s actually a small boy. It’s just being next to those kittens who weigh less than 3 pounds that makes him look much bigger than he is.
I’d like to get a picture of him next to a full-sized cat, but when he’s released into the downstairs in the evening, all he wants to do is run like a wild thing.


That baby bunny TEWTALLY disapproves of yew ‘n yer shenanigans. Harrumph.

Or, if you prefer:

(I am far too amused by myself sometimes.)


I wish I’d been around to see how this happened – I imagine that Dennis was in the pagoda minding his own business, and Blaster came up for a snuggle.

Oh, that smug little face kills me!

Smilin’ Mooch.

Grant thinks that ceiling fan is somethin’ special.


“Hey! GIMME that camera!”

“I say, HALLO, ceiling fan!”

“Something’s touching my tail.”

“Not ME!”

Dennis, hangin’ with the little ones.

Open Mouth of Outrage strikes again.

“Ha HA! You can’t GET me!!!”

Hey, do you remember this face?

And those ears?

In case you don’t recognize him, that is Orlando who was with us back toward the beginning of the year. He needs some R&R, and so he’s back with us for a little while. He’s sharing the upstairs with Dennis and the Doodles during the day, and he’s been absolutely fine around the kittens. In fact, he tried to head butt Gilbert immediately upon meeting him. Gilbert jumped back and hissed like a little drama queen. Orlando is a little nervous with the change of scenery, so he’s been hanging out in the foster room closet a lot, but he’s slowly starting to relax. He’s made brief forays out of the room to check out the rest of the upstairs; I expect it won’t be long before he’s got kittens snuggling with him.

Dennis has had no reaction at all to Orlando, just a sigh, a shrug and a look like “Really? ANOTHER one?”


It appears that an apartment in Box City has come available.

“Now if I could just convince that annoying one to move out,” thinks Tommy.

“He’s just jealous of my beauty.”


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  1. To be fair to you, your readers are also greatly amused by you! (The grammar of that sentence leaves me somewhat doubtful, but you get my drift.)

    And yes Corbie, everyone is jealous of your beauty!

  2. “apartment in Box City” cracked me up!!

    I, too, love that Dear Kitten video… especially the part about Vac-UUM and the curtains of invisibility!

  3. You stated Stinkerbelle didn’t go outside…and it reminded me of a cat I had, Scooby-Doo, who was terrified of being outdoors. I adopted him when he was a tiny kitteh from the animal shelter. As he got bigger, I thought I’d take him (and some of my other cats) outside so I bought a harnass to walk them in the back-yard. Well, the minute I put Scooby down, he froze; he would look up at the sky and belly-crawl around. Never stood up, just stared around at the huge space and up at the overwhelming sky. Had never seen a cat do that! I guess he was born indoors, and for some reason, the greater outdoors scared him. And to be sure it wasn’t the harnass, I took it off and he was still petrified. Weird.

  4. Welcome back, handsome Orlando. I hope to see you and Corbie together someday. And as much as I love all the wee kittens (Moo-oooch, you and your nose are rocking my world), that Dennis is just such a sweet, expressive soul!

  5. I may or may not have booped Mooch on the nose through the computer a minute ago. 🙂

  6. Oh, this batch of kittens is so cute! I love Blaster and Mooch and their nose splotches!

    Welcome back, Orlando! My, he is looking handsome. Can’t believe no one has snatched him up yet. I hope he enjoys his R&R.

  7. I was just refreshing my memory about Orlando and his siblings on their page and noticed that the litters feral Momma had been trapped and neutered. I bet that hurt like the dickens.:)