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Renee – whose buddy was startled by a crash of thunder and he broke through the screen door and ran off – reports that he hasn’t come back home (and she hasn’t found him) yet. But she got a fortune cookie on Sunday that said “your lost possession will be found by the end of the month”, so hopefully that turns out to be true! Y’all keep them in your thoughts, please.

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Lastly, would the person who sent me the t-shirt (this t-shirt, though it was from the Cheezburger store, which isn’t apparently carrying it anymore) please email me? I’d like to thank you properly! (And sorry it’s taken me so long to mention this – I don’t check the PO Box very often, so it had been sitting there for a few weeks without me realizing it.)

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So, the Noms are off at Petsmart. They handled it really well – better than I did, really. They were scared, but at least they weren’t hiding in the litter box, they were snuggled up together and looking around with wide eyes when I left. I’ll let y’all know when there are adoptions, believe me – the sooner the better!

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2012-06-13 (1)

2012-06-13 (2)
They have zero fear of the carrier – in fact, they love to hang out in and on it all the time.

2012-06-13 (3)
Sir Flooferton.

2012-06-13 (4)
“You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you!”

2012-06-13 (5)
Agata, keeping watch.

2012-06-13 (6)
Fianna loves the feathers.

2012-06-13 (7)
Could you be any more cartoonishly beautiful, little girl?

2012-06-13 (8)

2012-06-13 (9)
Belly rub!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-13 (10)
Little snugglebug.

2012-06-13 (11)
Did I mention that Cicero’s nickname is “Sir Stomps-a-lot”, because when we let him out of his cage to run around the room, he stomps all over the place. We’ve shortened it to “Stomps” and “Stompers.”

2012-06-13 (12)
“I haz a PAW!”

2012-06-13 (13)
“MY paw.”

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2012-06-13 (14)
Miz Poo would like you to know that even though she looks really WIDE in this picture, she isn’t. It’s just the angle. Or the stupid photographer. She is NOT a wide cat, she is petite and svelte. That’s her story and she’s stickin’ to it.


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6-13-12 — 44 Comments

  1. God, Cicero looks so much better. It’s as if he’s a different kitty!

    Fingers crossed for little Noms. I strongly feel they’ll be munched in no time flat.

    • Absolutely! Look at how clear and non-irritated his eyes are! And that’s just for starters.

      Good job, Robyn!

  2. Cicero does look amazing. Efthimia is right!!!
    Lord, please let those little Noms get adopted so fast that it breaks all records…Amen.
    Little Miss Poo-Poo, you are as slender as my little Miss Emma Lou….. MUAH.

  3. I know better than to eat or drink while reading L&H and good thing! The “You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you!” caption made me snort! And laugh! And snort again! And laugh some more!

    Kittens can be such drama queens!

  4. Dorfy is the T-shirt sender! She picked it out and told me to send it to you. And since I do everything she tells me, that’s what I did. 🙂

  5. Awwww little miss Dorfy! <3 :):)

    I will be listing more and more eBay stuff so sorry for the lack of items at the moment.

    Cicero has stolen my heart, what a sweet little boy!

  6. Miz Poo is as sleek and slinder as my Lucy, who thinks she’s two inches wide, and is also a champion at knocking things off the table when she tries to fit in that two inch space.

  7. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Renee and her pal. I really hope he comes looping home soon.

    Cicero keeps getting cuter, doesn’t he?

  8. There is just something about a baby, whether it be a kitten, puppy, or human!! They each remind me of the other!

    • We’re hard-wired to respond positively to large heads and large eyes. Something about ensuring the survival of the species. And they’re just the cutest-wutest widdle things…

  9. Videos of Mr. Romper Stomper please please! I have to see if his stomping is as cute as I imagine it to be! 🙂

  10. You are an evil evil woman Robyn.. because those are way too cute pictures of Sir Stomps-a-lot and they are seriously too cute to be shared.. a video?? Amy are you serious?? Robyn would probably break the internet if she posted such a video!!

    I also love the Jack/Rose reference.. *giggle*

  11. He does look wonderful, like he’s absolutely thriving and soaking up all the love and nurturing that he can!

    • That was in reference to Cicero, sorry. Didn’t post quite where I expected it to. 🙂

  12. Miz Poo has similar body to my Scully. When she lays down, she looks like a furry pancake. She tells me it’s all skin stretched from when she had her kittens almost 7 years ago.

    Will Cicero get to join the other taters? He looks WONDERFUL. You are a great kitten nurse 🙂

    • I think he will, eventually. We have to keep him in isolation for a bit longer, but he’s really interested when he hears the cats meowing on the other side of the door. He needs some buddies to curl up with. 🙂

      • I figured the isolation was the reason. He’ll have a blast with some big brothers and sisters to snuggle up with once they get over having the little interloper invading their space. Those pictures are just precious. How can you stand the cute?

  13. Would you just look at the colour of Lady Agata’s eyes?!?? That is the most amazing shade of brown I’ve seen on a kitty!

    Oh man, Cicero. You forget how small they really are until you see a human hand next to the little itty bitty littleness.

    Much like Cartman, my Atticus is big-boned. A husky lad. Much like Miz Poo, he’s sticking to that story.

    • Agata really does have the most beautiful eyes, doesn’t she? Her name reminds me of “agate,” and so do her eyes.

      Cicero’s the tiniest little creamsicle truffle, but I have no doubt that someday he’ll fulfill the promise of big orange boy cats everywhere.

      Atticus: I love it!

    • Brigitte, I think you’ve put your paw (ahem) on it… every time I look at Agata and see her picture, I think, “It’s a lovely name, but it’s just… not quite right.” That’s because it is missing the honorific of “Lady” to which she is so obviously entitled. She really does have astonishingly gorgeous eyes – clearly evidence of her high birth and noble station in life.

      I may have to stay away from L&H for a while… they’ve lowered the adoption rates on kittens locally, and Cicero and Lady Agata are BOTH giving me terrible Kitten Fever.

  14. Cicero…Stompy….you have stolen my heart. I don’t need it back…you keep it for awhile. Just don’t get too much fur on it okay?

  15. the pic that inspired the T shirt is one of the BEST ever. 🙂
    Have I said how much i LOVE cicero??

  16. I love the heavy duty eyeliner around Ms. Agata’s eyes — very 60s. And that little ball of orange deliciousness known as Cicero — omg!!!! the cute is killing me!

  17. Awwww Noms!! Hope you all get adopted very very very soon!!!!

    Awwww the Taters!! Gorgeous!

    And Miz Poo! You are purrfect as you are! Yay! Take care

  18. The picture captioned “Sir Flooferton” amazes me on closer examination. Look at the spine. Imagine trying to recline like that. Cats are incredible!

  19. Cicero looks so much better. It must be all the great nursing he’s received from you.

  20. Miz Poo, Harley Girl wants to tell you that she totally understands — the camera obviously adds width, because she has the same problem. (Also, you and Harley could be sisters, you look so much alike!)

    I am totally in love with Cicero…..

  21. Stompers! Oh I’m dying of the cute!
    So much orange at your house right now and all of it adorable! Not that the sisters arent adorable, but you know what I mean.
    Miz Poo, you are lovely and thin if you say so, I like all the extra fluffiness on you though.

  22. Dear Miz Poo,

    Of COURSE it is simply a bad angle, darling… My feline companion Crystal suffers from a similar misfortune and we both know that the camera is just not as kind as it could be to ladies with healthy appetites. And I am sure you are just doing your best to display what a fine, pettable feline you are.

    Much Love,
    MsDarkstar and Ms. Crystal

  23. Also, re Sir Stomps-a-Lot, have you ever seen the children’s book called “The Cat Who Stamped His Feet”? (Or maybe it’s “Stomped.” Regardless.) It’s about Clancy, a spoiled-rotten only cat, who stamps his feet when he is angry. He stamps his way upstairs to go live in the attic one day, after his Friends bring home a new kitten and he overhears them say that the new kitten is the “cutest cat ever.” He lives in the attic, sulking and alone, until one day a storm scares the new cat up into his domain. After a bit of a spat, they get to talking, and decide that, for instance, “the Food Friend can feed two cats as easily as one, and the Petting Friend can pet one cat with each hand.” Then Clancy teaches the new kitten how to stamp his feet when he doesn’t get his way.

    I LOVE that book. Love it more than my son ever did. I’d always tell him, “Why don’t we read about Clancy?” and he’d be like, “NO, we read Clancy three TIMES yesterday!” and I’d argue, “Just once?” Then usually I’d go off and read it on my own. Wish I could find it, or a copy of it. Anyway that’s making me fall in love with Cicero even more…

    • I can’t believe I just paid $14 for a used children’s book that is only listed as being in “good” condition. But the “like new” copies were upwards of $100. Seems I’m not the only one who loves that book…

  24. I am seriously hearting Cicero right now. Little tiny ball of foof that’s just the perfect size to hold in your hands. Had a really sad, rough week with 2 deaths in the family, and the pictures of sweet little Cicero and the other sweet baby kittehs made my heart not so hurty. And even Ms. Poo’s stank eye and svelt figure warmed my heart. There’s no hurt that a sweet kitteh can’t fix. I think doctors should look into the healing properties of looking at pictures of such sweetness.

      • Thanks. It’s been pretty awful. I think you should start a company that sends sympathy kittens. You would show up – holding a floofy kitten – at the door of the person receiving the sympathy, hand it to them and say “Here, hold this for a few minutes”. All better. Then you could take the kitten back and head to your next stop. How awesome would that be? That would definitely have made me happy this past week.