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New kitten movie. This one features lots of River, up close.

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Lately, when I open the kitten door to go in and hang out, Inara and River rush the door. They’re little and they’re quick, so they usually get out the door – I can block one little body, but not two – and I generally just shut the door and let them wander around for a few minutes.

River will generally stay pretty close to the foster room door – he likes to check out the bathroom and the “airlock” we put in place (a moving box I cut along one edge that blocks the view of the hallway from the foster room doorway so Kara won’t see any of our cats hanging out in the hallway and fly into a killing rage). Inara, on the other hand, is an explorer. I should’ve named her Dora. She’s checked out the hallway, the bathroom, my room, and has been about halfway down the stairs before she got scared and turned around. After a few minutes I grab her up and bring her back into the foster room. I may let the kittens explore for a few hours this weekend, though – it will do them good to have a little freedom and come face-to-face with our cats. I just wish Kara wasn’t in defend-my-babies-to-the-death mode, I bet she’d LOVE to get out of that room and have the entire house to explore.

Dancing Kitteh likes to dance.

“I think – am I FLYING?!”

“Dude, you’re FLYING! Straighten out your tail. STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR TAIL!”


2007: Yesterday I took a nap in the kitten room with them (a catnap, of course) and when I woke up, Maryanne was sitting about two feet away staring at me with hatred.
2006: No entry.
2005: I’m surprised I haven’t had a stroke yet.


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