6-13-05 – Mia & babies

So, after I sat in the cat room all day long on Friday, Mia didn’t poop at all. AT ALL. When 3:00 came and went, I said to Fred, “I’m done with this!” and we went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. When we came back there was still no poop, and I sat in the room for another ten minutes before I gave up, told Fred we’d just start her on the metronidazole, and I’d try again on Monday to get a sample, if she was still having diarrhea.

She had diarrhea all weekend long (you weren’t eating, were you?), and what makes me the maddest about the diarrhea is that she uses the litter box, then she tromps through the pile of diarrhea, and then tracks it across the floor, shaking her back legs the entire way.

I’m surprised I haven’t had a stroke yet.

Anyway, she had diarrhea all weekend long, so I resigned myself to hanging out in the cat room all day today in an attempt to get a sample, and I only had to wait about an hour. I got the sample (barf) and ran it to the vet. They said that they’d call if anything showed up, and if they didn’t call, there was nothing in the sample. They haven’t called yet, so I’m thinking there may have been nothing there.

Or maybe there was something there, and the metronidazole killed it? Oh, I don’t know.

After she’d tromped through her poop and tracked it all over the room – with me, right behind her, wiping it up as fast as I could – I had to leave the room because I was getting so stressed out. I went into the bedroom, where Fred was reading, and I said “I love and adore those kittens, but I have NO USE for Mia. God, she’s a pain!”

I do love those kittens, though. Except when Mia’s hunkered over pooping, and they try to STICK THEIR STUPID LITTLE HEADS DIRECTLY IN THE STREAM OF POO.

Over the weekend, I took Snoopy, Oy, and Peanut out of the cat room – not all at the same time – to “go visiting”. This consists of being held by me while they sniff our cats, then letting them crawl around on our bed.

As of yet, Mister Boogers has not been impressed. He goes all dark-eyed and sniffs them thoroughly, but he makes me nervous when he gets dark-eyed like that, so I haven’t let him get too close. Miz Poo hissed at Peanut last night, and Peanut responded by hissing back at her. Neither of them was too impressed with the other.

My current favorite kitten is Oy. I hope Oy is adopted by someone who appreciates what a sweet, feisty little guy he is.

Smilin’ Oy.

“Those were some tasty vittles, lady.”

Our Lady of the Perpetual Worries.

When Snoopy falls asleep, he’s out like a light.

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