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Sadly, this is the only Crooked Acres picture I have for y’all this week. My camera is off in Texas being serviced, and though I do have a backup camera, I don’t like it nearly as much (that’s what I’ve been taking pictures of Cicero with). Hopefully I’ll have my good camera back before next Thursday!

2012-06-14 (1)
This is one day’s picking. It’s Fred’s job to pick the garden, my job to figure out what to do with all the veggies he brings me.

Since this is a family-friendly site, I won’t tell you what I suggested he do with all that squash.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-14 (9)
Fianna’s got something to SAY!

2012-06-14 (10)

2012-06-14 (11)

2012-06-14 (3)

2012-06-14 (4)
I don’t know what Agata said to Kennebec, but he seemed pretty intent on making her take it back.

2012-06-14 (6)
They love batting at this thing.

2012-06-14 (5)

We’ve started letting Norland and Russet have the run of the house, while keeping Kennebec, Agata, and Fianna in the foster room. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds – the three little ones haven’t shown any interest in leaving the room, whereas Norland and Russet are sometimes interested, sometimes not. They appear to like to go back into the foster room at night, then come out for part of the day.

2012-06-14 (2)
Norland’s pretty sure he’s got the best of both worlds.

2012-06-14 (8)
I wish they could relax.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cicero’s going to be tested today. Y’all keep your fingers crossed that it comes out negative, won’t you?

2012-06-14 (12)
“Who’s the new guy? He’s my size!”

2012-06-14 (13)
“Hey, new guy. You wanna play?”

2012-06-14 (14)
“I’m talkin’ to you!”

2012-06-14 (15)
“You gonna talk to me, new guy? Huh? You got nothin’ to say?”

2012-06-14 (16)
“How ’bout now? You got somethin’ to say now? ::CHOMP::”

2012-06-14 (17)
“Hey, a mouse!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-14 (18)
Joe Bob always looks so pleased with himself.

2012-06-14 (19)


2010: This is VERY IMPORTANT, and all members of the feline persuasion must follow these instructions very carefully in the future or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES.
2009: No entry.
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2007: As you can see, Spanky is a deeply suspicious fellow.
2006: No entry.
2005: Well, she’s right. I’m starting to give the kittens nicknames. I can’t help it



6-14-12 — 41 Comments

  1. Little Cicero got a mowsie! Aww crossing everything for him! I’m sure you could post him to Wales……..

  2. Cicero-killing me with the cute! I wish him the best on his tests. And tell Fred I will take some of that squash up here in PA if he’s willing to send it. 🙂 It looks yummy!

    • Oh yeah… the squash up north is looking pathetic right about now. Haven’t been able to find a decent one in the produce section in months. If I come down for squash and return with a kitten, the trip would be more than worth it 😉

  3. Good luck Cicero 🙂

    We’ve got a cat around here that I sometimes see and I always say “hello Joe Bob” because he’s the image of yours 😉

    • There was a cat in the shelter where I volunteer who looked like Joe Bob. They named him “Joe Cool”. That was never the name that came out of my mouth. He was “Joe Bob” whether I meant to call him that or not!

  4. Oh dear Lord. Just put Cicero and the fuzzy pink bear and the little mouse friend in a box and send him postage due. I can’t take the cute one minute longer. ((In fact, this just may be the photo that pushes the late, great Einstein off my laptop’s wallpaper. She’s been gone for 19 months and the family is giving me crap about her still being there. I.just.can’t…. but maybe for this cute little munchkin))

    Just think of how many kittens you could adopt out if the Challenger House had a by-mail program!!

    Penny update— I’m no vet but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any kittens in there. Good for all of the fuzzballs in current need of homes that we’re not adding 5 more, sad for me. Not officially verified, just a strong feeling. I’m thinking of trying to get her re-checked early so we can move on to vaccinations and spay (and move her out with the general population… they’re dying to meet each other!) Then I can put an actual pregnant mama or kittens in the foster room!! I **WILL** get kittens one way or another!!

    • Kelly, that reminds me of last Fall. I was DYING for a bottle baby, and I made sure the shelter manager knew that. She had one for me, but at the last minute the people who’d found her decided to keep her. And then I got the call that a bottle baby was available if I wanted to go pick him up! And that was Charlie Peppers, who was so NOT a bottle baby. Sometimes the universe has other plans, I guess!

  5. Good luck little man. I hope you studied hard for your tests. I did not realize how floofy you were. You are working your way into my heart one cute pic at a time.

  6. “Hey, a mouse!” I love the short attention spans of kittens! Whenever I need them to stop doing something, I say “Distract a kitty!” and throw a toy in the opposite direction. Works like a charm! 😉

    And I am constantly sending good thoughts to the universe these days for negative test results, so consider Mr. Romper Stomper taken care of!!

  7. Sweet little Cicero, wishing for the best on your tests! I love how quickly the scared little scaredy cat Taters have come out of their shells and are settling into their groove.

  8. mmmmm…..squash……

    The big pink guy seems like the silent type. MOL

    Mom admits – she wishes she could sleep like those kittens. She found Doc sleeping half on the cat tree, half off last night. Didn’t look comfy to her, but he was out cold. 🙂

  9. Seriously woman, what do you DO with all the food you are growing??? Can you freeze squash? At least Fred gets out there to pick it before they become baseball bats! Miss one day at the squash plants… and they’re arms and legs… that’s why we’re not growing any this year. I grew more goat food (we have 14) last summer than you can imagine… anyway…

    And little Cicero… such a sweet face! Any word about the Noms?

  10. Speaking of mail program, you can stick some of those squash in a flat rate box and send it up to ME. 🙂

    Paws crossed for Cicero.. Now I know what happened to your camera, it committed camericide because it couldn’t take pictures of Cicero.. (please tell me no one peed on your camera!)

    hey, would it be totally wrong of me to ask very nicely and sweetly for you to plug Fleurp in her quest to become the ModernCat cover?? if it is, I’m sorry. If it isn’t and you don’t want to, that’s OK too.

    • It wouldn’t be wrong at all! I’ll make sure to put it at the top of tomorrow’s post, I’d love to see Fleurp win! 🙂

  11. I love Cicero’s HUGE eyes. Hope all goes well for him with the Vet.

    I’m in love with Fiana – stripes and white socks. ::Swoon::

    What happened to your good camera; kitty related?

  12. Do you and Fred eat casseroles? I have a killer squash casserole recipe that you can put both squash & zucchini in.

    Cicero TOO STINKING CUTE!!!!!

  13. Aww — I’m loving little Cicero!! I hope he passes his test with flying colors!

  14. Oh Jo Bob! I loves yous! He’s just too cute!
    And so is that Cicero! fingers and paws crossed for his test!
    I don’t know which kitten it is, but the one with the purple toy in her mouth.. looks like godzilla eating a sky scraper! Rar! MOL

  15. You can always try the zucchini solution with the squash–leave some in any unlocked car you find!

  16. This year, finally, success with tomatoes! I’ve got 2 hugely producing Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants that, even with the neighbor’s help, we can’t keep up with. Made a huge pot of roasted cherry tomato sauce for the freezer tonight but am looking for other recipes that use large quantities of small tomatoes. Any suggestions?

  17. And why should mr joe-bob not look pleased with himself. he is a mighty fine man cat and knows it. Cicero is a spoonful of delicious! i swear i’d have to eat him up if i could get to him! and it looks like the pink teddy spat out a mousie to distract the little guy. naaw! All the kittens look happy, and why would they not?