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The Alabama State Board of Veterinary Examiners is trying to close down Alabama’s 4 low cost, nonprofit spay/neuter clinics. It would be awful if the clinics – which spay and neuter dogs and cats at a very low cost – were forced to close. There are already so many unwanted dogs and cats right now, do we really need more brought into this world because people are unable to afford to have their animals spayed and neutered?

They have a Facebook page, if you’re interested in “like”ing them.

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2011-06-14 (1)
“What’s she doing?”
“Eating our Babycat. Isn’t she purrrrty?”

2011-06-14 (2)
“Where’s she going?”
“I dunno.”

2011-06-14 (3)
“This one needs a bath.”

2011-06-14 (4)
“What? She was hungry!”

2011-06-14 (5)
Coriander gets hissy with Ciara.

2011-06-14 (6)
“What the – ?”

2011-06-14 (7)

2011-06-14 (8)
“You know, I’m not really sure what I think about all these little – Ooh! Babycat! Pardon me while I belly up to the bowl!”

2011-06-14 (9)
Macushla keeps an eye on Cilantro.

2011-06-14 (10)
“Where’d she go?!”

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I had no sooner uttered the words “I’m pretty sure the McMaos aren’t nursing any more” than they apparently took my words as a challenge.

2011-06-14 (11)
I love all the different stripes.

2011-06-14 (12)
Poor Maggie. She puts up with so much from these little brats!

2011-06-14 (13)
Even at too old for this nonsense, they are utterly adorable when they nurse.

2011-06-14 (14)
In the doorway between the hallway and dining room. (Hey, that’s appropriate, no?)

2011-06-14 (15)
She’s had just about enough of THIS.

2011-06-14 (16)
“Do you see? Do you SEE why I’m always hungry? They’re sucking the life out of me!”

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2011-06-14 (17)
Maxi and Newt, in the side yard. Newt spends almost all day either in the side yard or in the house. Maxi spends most of the day off to points unknown, then moseys back home mid-afternoon.


2010: This is VERY IMPORTANT, and all members of the feline persuasion must follow these instructions very carefully in the future or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES.
2009: No entry.
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2007: As you can see, Spanky is a deeply suspicious fellow.
2006: No entry.
2005: Well, she’s right. I’m starting to give the kittens nicknames. I can’t help it!



6-14-11 — 10 Comments

  1. Poor Maggie! If I had that many hungry little ones AND took on spice girls too I’d be reaching for a bag of nip and kitten food too! (assuming I was a cat…) What a good mother! I know some humans who could take a lesson or two from her.

  2. I seriously think you should submit two pictures to Cute Overload of the McMaos nursing – one when they were teeny, weeny babies & one of the ones you posted today. The pictures you posted today are just too funny!

  3. Maggie nursing and bathing the Spice Girls is too cute for words! Such a good mommy!

  4. Awwwww it’s so sad the Spice Girls don’t have their mum with them – so a BIG YAY!! for wonderful Maggie!! She’s such a good mum!! Yay!! Awwww, she’s just amazing!! My goodness the McMoas are getting big and even more cute – but Maggie’s face as she feeds them – pricelss!! 🙂

    Hello there wonderful Maxi and Newt! Stunning pics as always, thannk you! Take care

  5. Thank you for helping spread the word about saving all of Alabama’s spay and neuter clinics. Alabama needs these low cost options for spay/neuter. Please continue to encourage your readers to help us fight these closings.

  6. Just to give you some perspective… Nimbus was born Aug 23, 2001 and when his mom was spayed on New Year’s, he was STILL nursing! So it’s not too unusual, though I do think that Maggie’s about had enough! MOL Maybe her and Jadzia need to have a talk about wee runts!!