6-15-15 Monday

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Shecky seems a wee bit judgey here, doesn’t he?

Louis likes to make sure that everyone is properly clean.

Skelton would like everyone to know “I’m clean! I’M CLEAAAAAAAN!”

Would you look at the big ol’ bunny feet on Rickles?

They have met the vacuum cleaner, and are not impressed. AT ALL.

It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on in this picture, I know – Gilda’s on the window bed with Lucy, and has the end of Lucy’s tail. Mama’s tail is the BEST TOY EVER.

Louis and Carlin fight it out.

Lucy and Gilda watch the world go by.

They’re going through a stage where they turn that basket over, and then someone gets underneath – usually Belushi – and they smack at each other. Then whoever’s underneath comes sliding out. I like to think he’s trying to relive his birth experience.

Lucy, Gilda, and Rickles on the window bed. There was a time when Lucy could go up into those beds to get away from the kittens. That time is gone, gone, gone. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to mind it TOO much – and when she does, she lets ’em know.

Now Rickles has Lucy’s tail.

The kittens are off to be spayed and neutered today! I’m also taking Lucy up with me and dropping her off so they can examine her when they have a spare moment. She’s had litterbox issues (the big D, bane of my existence) for almost two weeks. The medication she’s on isn’t helping, and neither are any of my usual tricks. I don’t know if we need to switch meds, or if there’s something else to try, but she at least needs to be seen. I had actually told Susan that I thought Lucy could go to Petsmart last week, and I swear the moment I hit “send” on that email, Lucy perked up her ears and said “That’s what YOU think, lady. Let me show you what I think about that…”

At least the kittens’ litterbox leavings are A++, so whatever Lucy’s dealing with isn’t transmitting to them. (I’m sure that the instant I typed that, 8 little sets of ears perked up, and in unison they all said “That’s what YOU think, lady…”)

So, the kittens will be spayed and neutered and ID chipped today, and will go back next week for their rabies shots. They’re inching ever closer to the time when they’ll go off to Petsmart for adoptions. How did that happen?!

I’m going to take advantage of their absence today to scrub down the foster room, because it desperately needs to be done, and what better time?


Video! The picture’s not the greatest, but turn up your sound to get the full effect of the purring. All 8 kittens were bellied up to the milk bar and happy as could be.

YouTube link.


Miz Poo, in the Room with a View. She loves sleeping there lately – probably because it’s in the middle of all the hubbub (it’s close to the side door), but she still has a little privacy. Also, that bed goes well with her coloring!


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6-15-15 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. Most hilarious spot of imaginative sympathy I’ll read this week — or at least until tomorrow’s post: “I like to think he’s trying to relive his birth experience.” Thanks, too, for the purrs and the Poo!

  2. So we had 2 kittens in the Petco cages yesterday. I swear they are the cutest but messiest beings on earth, except for my husband… The two cats in the cages below the kittens had looks on their faces that seemed to say “hey lady, can you do something about the idiots upstairs. We would like a little peace and quiet.”

  3. I had two mama kitties that developed the big D. Neither got better until they stopped producing milk. Not sure if that has anything to do with Lucy, just thought I’d share. LOVE those PURRING kittehs!

    • I can see how having 8 creatures nearly as big as you kneeding your guts could cause tummy issues.

      • I swear, we’ve been TRYING to get those kittens weaned, but Lucy gets so stressed when she’s locked away from them!

        Also, everything was A-OK in the litterbox area up until two weeks ago, with the kittens nursing and everything. Then – bam!

  4. I just love that picture of Gilda and Lucy looking out the window. So peaceful. Also, thanks for the purrs. I’m thinking I need to have purring playing in my office all day long. Think about how that could improve staff meetings!

  5. Wow, now THAT was some serious kitten purring in that video! It’s as close as I can get to diving into that pile myself, so I am grateful that you posted it.