6-19-15 Friday

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I have a question for the readership… I’m sure we’ve all had our share of long cat scratches, intentional (!) or not (sudden loud scary noise). I never seem to be able to find long skinny band-aids that will cover scratches averaging 3-4 inches long. The longest band-aid lengths I can find never seem to be quite long enough, or are way too wide. Has anyone come across a good product to bandage these long scratches?

I don’t even bother to bandage my scratches anymore, but Connie mentioned Liquid Bandages. Fred has used that stuff in the past, and it works pretty well.


How does Stinkerbelle like Sugarbutt on her cupboards? We need a *glare* picture! Actually, I would love a Throwback Thursday with lots of glare pictures. I know you have a whole lot of Alice glaring pictures. I often enter that in the search box just to look at them…

Sugarbutt’s pretty smart – he doesn’t get too close to Stinkerbelle, and gives her her space, so she doesn’t have a problem with him. (And I’ll keep the Throwback Thursday: Glare idea in mind – I like it!)


Is Carlin being neutered too or is he to young?

Carlin was neutered at the same time as the rest – in fact, it was only because he was over two pounds that I made the appointment, otherwise I would have just waited.


Robyn, I have to share this very short story because it was all your fault. My friend Julie called to say she was checking out at the grocery store, getting her coupons in order, when the cashier said “girl grandbaby or boy grandbaby?”. Julie (just over fifty and not a mother, therefore not a grandmother), assumed the cashier was talking to someone else. Cashier repeated “girl grandbaby or boy grandbaby?”. Julie looked at her with a questioning expression, and saw the bagger hold up a jar of chicken baby food. Julie stared long enough to make the person seriously regret the grandbaby reference, than smiled and said “old cat, no teeth.”

Ha, I love it! If I had a nickel for every time a cashier asked about my weird purchase of a large number of chicken baby food jars, I’d be sitting pretty!


I’ve forgotten, but which one was the little hissy baby-kitteh when born? I remember there was one especially that just kept hissing but can’t remember which one.

They were all pretty hissy, but Roseanne and Shecky were the hissiest, as I recall.

The whole bunch of them at 4 days old, hissing like a nest of snakes:

YouTube link.


From Susan, about how Creed is doing:

Creed is doing well. He’s still a bit of a bully and instead of reacting when someone gets in his face, he will seek them out and whack them. Doesn’t matter who – he is an equal opportunity whacker. I don’t see blood or clumps of hair nor do I hear much fighting so the others are apparently holding their own against him. He loves people though and would really like to get out of the catroom and have a place of his own.


Am I the only one who likes to hear Robyn’s voice on the videos when she talks to the kitties? You have such a sweet accent!

I am torn between “Thank you!” and “I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCENT!” I mean, come on – I’ve only lived in Alabama for almost 19 years, that’s hardly enough time to pick up an accent. 😉


Robyn, where did you get those beds that attach to the window? And do they seem to be pretty steady? My Frannie loves looking out the window, but the sill is pretty small, and I’d like to find something that she could lay on (or nap on in the sunshine!).

Those are Sunny Seat cat beds, which I got at Amazon. They do seem to be pretty steady – I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but the suction cups on the bottom of the beds are actually too wide for the windows in the foster room, so they’re just lightly wedged between the window sills and the windows. They’re nice and sturdy, and I’ve never seen them wobble at all, even when Lucy and the kittens were all piled up into one bed. I did have one in the window downstairs for our cats, and put Tommy in it with no wobbling. The only problem I can see with the bed is that if you have blinds or shades that you pull down at night, they’ll gap open where the supports are. That’s not a problem for us, since I never pull down the shades in the kitten room, but if you have nosy neighbors it could be an issue.


I believe I interrupted an important conversation wherein Carlin was explaining to Skelton that “This toy? MINE.”

“Well, hmph. I don’t want his dumb toy!”

I think Rickles is telling a joke here.

And Belushi is all “He thinks he’s so FUNNY.”

“You gotta share your toys, son. You hear me?”
“Yes, Mama.”

I stuck this feather teaser (well, with the feathers chewed down to just nubs, it’s more of featherLESS teaser. It teases you with the idea that there were feathers there once) in the holes on the Kitty Connection (it’s this one, if you’re curious) just to get it out of the way while I was cleaning the room, and it drove Belushi CRAYZEE.

Oh, sweet Louis. Why your eyes gotta change? They’re changing much more slowly than the other kittens’ eyes, but they’re definitely changing. He reminds me of Kennebec – who we nicknamed Lunk on his second trip through the foster room – who had the exact same color eyes when he went off to Petsmart, but when he came back six months later (he was adopted and then returned because the adopters were moving), his eyes were this gorgeously striking color:

Lucy has a moment to herself.

Roseanne on the window bed. I am amazed at how popular these things are, though I guess I shouldn’t be!

Rickles thought it was nap time, not taking-pictures time. Silly boy – I guess he hasn’t figured out yet that it’s ALWAYS taking-pictures time.

“You kids! Keep it down over there, I’m trying to SLEEP!”

Sweet Gilda. I believe we’ve determined that, with her hidden spots, she is officially a Ninja House Leopard.

Mama keeps an eye on the world. SOMEONE’s gotta do it, after all.

Sleepy Skelton. I love his belly spots!


Maxi, annoyed by the very idea that there are kittens in this house and she hasn’t been able to smack them yet.


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  1. Anyone ever wrangled kitten ear-cleaning on their own? I’ve got two kittens with ear mites and ear infections both and sometimes I need to medicate and clean ears without assistance. They’re wiggly little monsters and this has not been easy. ANy ideas would be welcome!

    • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle. Place kitten between your knees. Use your knees to lock kitten in place at their shoulders. Have kitten facing away from you. Then access their ears. I took many of blood samples for glucose tests this way – 17 yrs worth (you have to prick their ears to draw the blood). So if I can do it…you can too! Let me know if it works for you. You may have to raise your legs a bit based on the size of your kitten. Keep your heels on the floor and just bend your knees a bit to do this.

    • purrito! lots of images and tips of making them online.
      and excellent photo op of cuteness on top of it!

  2. Robyn, how is Lucy doing diarrhea-wise? Poor thing is so thin with the kittens sucking the life out of her!

    I’ve also had the chicken baby food comment. We were buying some for my sweet, now-departed Pansy, and the lady stocking the shelves said she was not surprised we were buying it for the cat, she hears it all the time!

    • I have a friend who used to work for Gerber/Nestle, and she said that their market research showed that a lot of baby food was purchased for animals. There was an ongoing debate as to how or if to market it to pet parents, without making human parents feel like they were feeding pet food to their babies.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if someday they come out with a line specifically for pets that’s just baby food rebranded in different little jars.

      • That would be good, but I wonder if they would make it the same price? Make it higher and folks would still buy the baby version. But it would be funny if they priced it cheaper and then parents bought the pet version for the human babies!! 😉

      • We used it when our cat was hit by a car and wasn’t feeling like herself, really made a difference with her.

    • I think (fingers crossed!) that we have the diarrhea under control – and it appears that all she needed was a food change, and a few days away from the kittens!

  3. Re-Long scratches and bandages, do you have Micropore Tape or Elastoplast on a reel? We can buy cut your own length rolls of sticking plaster, (though not all have a dressing applied) here in the UK but a long cat scratch usually heals better without as its not deep (usually) and scabs over fast.

  4. Robyn? Sorry, but you totally have an accent. 🙂 Not a really thick one but it’s there.

  5. I am SOOOOOO in love with Roseanne. I wish I was closer and could convince my husband that Oreo needed a friend.

  6. That Belushi pic is cracking me up. He looks so intense, confused, annoyed at the same time.

    Love the glamour shots. That pic of Lucy having a moment to herself is probably the prettiest one that I’ve seen of her. With her perfect curves and white throat, whiskers in the sunlight.