6-19-14 – Throw Back Thursday

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Throw Back Thursday: Two years ago!

Two years ago – well, two years and a few weeks ago – our neighbor came knockin’ with a kitten in her hand. Any guesses who that kitten was?

That’s right, it was Stompers! The neighbor and her daughter had rescued wee Stompers from a dog. He was still young enough to require bottle feeding and she works long hours, so wouldn’t be able to care for him. I was glad to take him, because LOOK at that face.

He was a total mess when we first got him, but he bounced back quickly. We named him Cicero (we were going with a potato-naming theme at that point – Fred got to choose the name, but I had to talk him out of using the name Flava), but he became Stompers within days, due to the self-confident way he stomped around.

I cannot EVEN believe it’s been two years.

Such a tiny little character, full of sass.

Judging you.

I don’t know if anything ever scared that boy. He had some CONFIDENCE.


Wee little nut.

“Your shirt tasty, lady.”

Sweet, sweet, SWEET.

Seriously, I was surprised to realize that it’s been two years since we had baby Stompers here. I would have sworn it was only a year ago! If you go to the post from two years ago today, there’s a video that will melt your face right off your body, it’s so cute (and also, the introduction of Brandywine and her babies!)


Sleepy monkeys.

Look at the size of those feet!

Orlando, thinking about hiding under the recliner.

Grant really likes to lay next to my face. He’s a big fan of my hair, and sometimes he tries to eat it.

Blaster in the sun.

Marshall’s face is cracking me up. “What you DOIN’, lady?”

Marshall on the pillows, Blaster on the bed.

Camera strap! As Davout and Rhea could tell you, it’s the best! toy! ever!

Mooch and Gilbert get all Kravitzy on the neighbors. “What’s he doing? Why’s he doing it like that? That’s not right!”

“That’s wrong! You’re doing it WRONG!”

Marshall watches Gilbert and Mooch watch the neighbors.

Dennis has some quiet time, away from those crazy kittens.

I repeat: LOOK at the size of those big ol’ feet!

Sleepy Grant.


When cats walk while they’re stretching their back legs, we refer to it as “monkey walking” for some reason. Kara is a monkey walking FOOL – she monkey walks all the time, and it always makes me laugh.


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6-19-14 – Throw Back Thursday — 33 Comments

  1. I yelled “STOMPERS” very loudly in my head (I am at work). Oh my…there is no better way to start a day than to see pics of that wee boy!! You are right, it is shocking that it has been two years. (Holy crap! We are getting old fast! Ha)

    Dennis has the most adorable face! Those kittens…well, I could just eat them all up! And Kara, her expression kills me dead! Makes me want to kiss that grumpy looking face!!!

    • Oh, I went and watched that video of baby Stompers… Thanks, now I’m faceless. I’m typing this by feel as my face slowly slides to the floor, melted by the absolute cuteness! Boy are my visitors later today going to be in for a shock…

    • I also like it when they meow and yawn at the same time…or meow and shake their head. πŸ™‚

  2. Ha! I love that picture of Kara! She’s so adorable. I call monkey-walking, “doin’ the ballet”.

  3. I love, love, love the Stompers. I have one of your lovely glasses with his little judging face next to me at work and it brings me constant joy!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful way to start the day. I’ll make sure to give him extra snuggles today for his pseudo-birthday and I’ll grab some updated pictures. He is huge and sweet and snuggly as the dickens!

  5. LOTS of extra snuggles, Kristyn! Looking forward to the pictures – it is so hard to imagine Stompers as huge!

    Because of Stompers, and a few others I have known, my next cat will be a golden boy! Such personalities!

    Love The Kravitzes kitties!

    A public service announcement: Amazon has a one day special today on Drinkwell fountains – 50% off. Just check the gold box special. All but one model on sale are plastic.

  6. That picture of Kara “monkey walking” is hilarious! She looks like she’s ambling along normally at first, but her shadow gives her monkey-ness away!

    I never knew Stompers was rescued from a dog! Was it a situation like Stefan and the live baby bunny, or was he about to be cornered? Either way, I’m glad that sassy little orange fluffball was rescued and found a forever home.

    • I’m actually not sure of the exact situation – I imagined that the dog had Stompers cornered, but I also didn’t ask for details! πŸ™‚

  7. I knew that Grant was a lady’s man. Does he whisper sweet things in your ear when he chews on your hair?

  8. AAAAHHHH!!!! STOMPERS!!!! I still use the calendar, albiet, it’s on the 2014 part where there are no pictures but I’m using it. Heee

    Also, used every day is the soda can hugger/koozie and every now and then my shot glass of him “not judging” me. Love, love love them. Whenever someone new sees them they agree that they’re very cute/funny.

    One day I will have another orange kitty but I’m sure it’ll be awhile as the four we have now are pretty healthy.

  9. I just noticed the cool stripes handsome Dennis has on his front legs. Lol, that’s gonna be my new description of the guys when they stalk Minou my neighbour’s outdoor cat – “stop being all Kravitzy guys, she’s doing a fine job terrorizing the birds.” (What was Mrs. Kravitz’ first name? Could google it, but naw.)

    Oh Stompers, if ever there was a kitten you wanted to freeze in time…

    • Gladys! One day I’m going to name a kitten Gladys Kravitz. πŸ™‚ Oooh – or I’m going to name a girl and boy Gladys and Abner!

  10. OMG, Stompies! I will always love that boy. Yes, Kristyn, an update with photos, please!

    And I love all the current babies, of course, but Dennis has my heart.