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I knew that Grant was a lady’s man. Does he whisper sweet things in your ear when he chews on your hair?

When he’s sleepy, Grant howls. So he’s been known to chew, then pause to howl, and then chew some more. It’s seriously cute, I need to get it on video!


I never knew Stompers was rescued from a dog! Was it a situation like Stefan and the live baby bunny, or was he about to be cornered? Either way, I’m glad that sassy little orange fluffball was rescued and found a forever home.

I assumed that Stompers was cornered by the dog, but I usually don’t ask for details in these cases! I figure I’m happier not knowing.


Cute bebeh kitteh paw action:

YouTube link.

WAY too cute!!!


I love, love, love the Stompers. I have one of your lovely glasses with his little judging face next to me at work and it brings me constant joy!

Every time I see that picture, it makes me smile!


Robyn, I was visiting friends this last week in FL who have 8 cats, a hedgehog, an adult dog and a 2 month old Chiweenie puppy.
They have a screened porch/pool & none of their animals roam freely outside but they did somehow bring a freaking baby black racer snake in the house one night.
During all the excitement, I was thinking – well, at least Robyn doesn’t have cats bringing in snakes . . ..then Fred posted that picture of the rat snake [on Facebook].

Maybe you should move to Ireland.

I think I should! At least the cats don’t bring snakes into the house…YET!


I haz a question about those raised beds: What are the dimensions (2′ x 4′?), is the wood 1 or 2 inches thick, and how did Fred put the corners together–screws or nails? (sorry, 3 questions!) I just bought some cheapie raised beds at Home Despot, but I want to make my own. (We built some years ago that just didn’t hold up.)

Fred says that he used two pieces of 3-foot wood and 2 pieces of 1-foot wood per raised bed. The wood is 1″ thick, and he used screws to put them together.

Also, to make the beds portable, he attached weed fabric to the bottom, and then chicken wire on top of (well, bottom of) that for support. The beds are doing very well so far!


Pillow Mooch Alarm! You could totally market that as an alarm clock for the reluctant (IE: me) risers.
(announcer voice)
Hit snooze too many times and late for work AGAIN?
Out pops your patented Pillow Mooch Alarm!
::Swipe swipe::
WAKE UP guaranteed.*

*cannot guarantee however that you will not then immediately swoop up Pillow Mooch and snuggle and snorgle until you both fall back to sleep.

That sounds like a fabulous Kickstarter campaign to me. A chicken in every pot, a Mooch in every pillow!


How do you keep backyard and other cats out of your catnip? The last time I did that with catnip, it got stripped of leaves and chewed right to the dirt line.

The raised beds are actually outside of the back yard, so the backyard cats wouldn’t be able to get to the catnip in any case. To keep the rest of the cats (and other animals) out of the raised beds, I use a pest fence, which I got here. They also have a taller pest fence. The poles are light and pointed at one end, so they’re easy to drive into the ground (I used a mallet), and it’s easy to attach the fencing to the poles using clips. This is the first summer I’ve tried this fence, so I don’t know how it’ll hold up over time, but so far it’s doing a great job.


The photo of Maxi reminds me of my grandmother, who was 5’2″ and weighed all of 130 lbs. She hated, hated, HATED my dad’s camcorder, which he carried around obsessively and filmed everything that happened when I was a teenager, and she would often tell him that she would slap that camera right out of his hands. He never stopped trying to get her to smile on camera, for his part.

I love that!


I’m curious ……. Did Marshall fall off the bed anytime after that picture was taken ?? He looks very close to the edge and you know how kittens are when they are concentrating on something, one little move and plunk they go on the floor !!!

I don’t actually remember for sure (it’s been a few days), but I don’t think he fell off the bed. They’re all really good about reaching out and grabbing the comforter with their claws to stop from falling if they start to topple.


I particularly love the picture with the caption “Grant admires his toes”!!! Just adorable!

I love it too! ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh Grant, those cuddled toe bean pictures are too much! I just want to kiss and nibble on those little pawpads. BTW, on that bed picture, he looks darker than the usual a-touch-too-dark-for-buff. Is his coat getting darker?

I don’t think so – I think it’s just the lighting or the camera (or, more likely, the camera operator!) that makes it look that way.


I randomly thought of a new name theme for a next batch: All the same name! I’ve only thought of Jack names: Jack, Jackie, Jacqueline, Giacomo (pronounced like Jackomo), Jackson, Jax, Any others I’ve forgotten? Any other groups of names like this? (I posted this on a different foster fbook, and someone listed a bunch of names where I couldn’t see how they all went together, except that they all ended with ‘n’ which, as a same-name theme, was kind of lame, IMO.

This is an adorable idea, but I can only imagine how much the shelter manager and adoption counselors would want to strangle me if I did that. (By the way, I really like the name Giacomo!)


That’s the guy who voices Sad Cat Diary, right? Love it!

YouTube link.

I love that video SO much! I always have to stop and watch it whenever I see it linked.


This needs to be dug up every once in awhile and reposted.

YouTube link.

Love it!


I love the whiskers in the sun, and also love Dennis’s face, all “WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON?!”

I just love Blaster’s sweet little face SO much.

Gilbert, showing Grant who the boss is… by holding him down and licking his ear.

Marshall watches the shenanigans from atop Mt. Pillow.

Grant, casually showing off his pink toeses.

You know that the second after I took this picture, Marshall went sliding down the back of that chair, right into Blaster and then there was some tussling.

Gilbert is a fan o’ feathers.

Orlando loves digging the toys out of this thing.

Yesterday, I referred to Orlando as “Rolando”, just to see if Fred would notice. He looked at me the same way kittens do when I fold one of their ears back, like they know something’s not right, but they aren’t quite sure what. Finally, Fred said “That’s not… is that his name?!”



Dennis has a grumpy moment.


Oh Corbie, you beautiful monkey.

I think you need a kiss!


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  1. “Rolando” reminds me of when my daughter was young and mispronounced Pocahontas. She said “Hocapontas” and we all stopped, knew what she meant and couldn’t quite figure out what she’d done to it!!!

  2. on’t forget Jacque in the “Jack” name game. And what about John? Doesn’t John get switched to Jack as a nick name? If you had a big litter you could use all the John interations as well. That would be so much fun.

    • Yeah, I think Jack is a nickname for John – although, Fred’s stepfather’s name is Jack, and that’s his actual name, so I guess it can go either way!

  3. “Theyโ€™re all really good about reaching out and grabbing the comforter with their claws to stop from falling.” That’s good news for the comforter!

    • The comforter actually holds up way better than I expected it to. I mean, it’s got dings and a few claw marks, but for the most part it doesn’t look nearly as bad as it should!

  4. There is no such thing as a chiweenie. There are dachwawas. This is a public service announcement. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You could name a whole litter of kittens after weird dog breeds, just to confuse people… chiweenie… goldendoodle… puggle…

  5. Corbie’s got this “mama sheriff” look on his face. Like he’s not going to put up with not being cuddled.

  6. This influx of orange boys got me thinking… I know that orange cats are more likely to be male than female, but that a female orange cat is not unheard of… Have you ever fostered a female orange cat?