6-16-17 Friday

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So that is over 8 pounds of kitten produced by one 6 pound 7 ounce mamma cat!

And she’s still feeding them – they belly up to the milk bar several times a day (though they aren’t allowed to nurse for very long each time – thus, I suspect, the reason for Nola’s slight weight gain.)


How do the Permanent Residents react when you bring one of the other PRs home from the vet? I used to have to separate Gandalf and Atticus for at least 24 hrs, because Gandalf was sure Atticus was a stranger cat (due to that “vet smell” that would linger), and that he must neutralize the threat by going all Star Trek “Amok Time” on Atticus.

They sniff vigorously at the cat, sniff vigorously at the carrier, and might hiss a time or two, but they get over it pretty quickly. We’re lucky!


Who is it that makes the banners around here because those 4 “school” pictures NEED to be in one.


And I don’t think I mentioned it, but I did a banner with Nola and Andouille when he was still tiny that I just love.


I’ve been a bad blog follower.

How can you have a litter of kittens you describe as “the cajuns” without me introducing you to the term “sha?!?”

It’s a Cajun term, derived from the French “cher.” It’s used as a term of endearment, like “dear” or “buddy,” (“you want to get some gumbo, sha?”), or a bit of an exclamation, especially when you see something cute (“Oh, sha! Will you look at those kittens!”). In the latter sense, there is even the term “sha baby.”

Urban dictionary has the easiest link to the term.

My apologies for not bringing this to your attention sooner. Just know that frequently, when talking to her kittens, Nola is really saying, “Meow, sha.”

I love that! (And you are totally forgiven. THIS time!)


How come Frankie’s picture isn’t in with the Permanent Residents?

Because I haven’t gotten around to it. Dewey’s isn’t there either. I have to be in the mood to get one of those pages put together, and apparently I haven’t hit that mood yet. I do feel guilty for slacking, though!


Nola isn’t mentioned very much, understandably because her adorable babies get all the attention, which we love, but does she ever seek any loving from you or Fred? She is so beautiful. I hope she has no problem finding her forever home soon!

Nola is a bit on the timid side and if there are loud noises, she tends to freeze up or run for the closet. She’s just now warming up to Fred because he wears slippers in the house, and it’s loud as he approaches the kitten room. Now she’ll walk up behind him and lay down for him to pet her. She’s comfortable with me and will usually come lay down by me so I’ll pet her. She appreciates being told how pretty she is, and she’ll flop her tail over my leg or ankle. If you get out a feather teaser, that girl gets the wild eyes and will slap that thing to the ground in no time flat. I think she’ll need someone with a little patience, but I also think that once she’s without kittens, her real personality will really come through.

There hasn’t been any interest in her yet, but she’s so sweet and so pretty that hopefully the right person will come along quickly.


BTW, how’s the patient? sore but eating I hope.

He is doing great! I swear, if you didn’t know he’d had surgery, you probably wouldn’t know anything was going on with him. He’s eating, he’s drinking, and he’s following Fred around and giving him the Love Eyes. Pretty much normal Frankie!


Persimmons – I’ve always wondered what they taste like. Any thoughts on a possible comparison?

They have a creamy consistency, but as for the flavor: it’s really unique, I can’t think of anything to compare them to. They taste like persimmons!


When I walk into the room and see all the kittens this close together, I know there was some recent time at the milk bar, and all the kittens got drunk on milk and passed out.

Trying to get everyone to look at me, but I think they were still too sleepy.

There we go!

And then they scatter. Always ruining my good picture opportunities, these kittens.

Andouille, pleased with himself.

Tabby girls. Praline in the front, Roux in the back.

“Tail, why you keep followin’ me around?”

Cuppa Beignet.

Cuppa Andouille, with a side of Beignet.

Cuppa Praline.

Annnd cuppa Roux.


Videos! In the first one, we see an explanation for why the track toy is always in a different place in the room every time I walk through the door.

YouTube link

In the next, Andouille and Beignet are wearing their crazy pants.

YouTube link

And a slow motion version of that video, because everything’s always better that way!

YouTube link


“Ugh. Are there really KITTENS in that house of yours, humans? Yeah, I’ll just stay out here, THANKS.”


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6-16-17 Friday — 22 Comments

  1. I have a new foster, found by my older brother outside his restaurant. We think he’s ten weeks old. The more I look at him and his proportions, the more I think he may have dwarfism, like Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub. Of course, a vet will have to confirm that. But looking at your ten week olds, I’m even more convinced. He’s a total lover boy and should get snapped up in no time!

    The slow-motion crazy pants cracked me right up. Andouille’s little dance out of the closet! “Come back here and let me getcha!”

  2. The slow mo Godzilla walk of Andy’s is awesome! I was just thinking “I need to see this in slow motion!” when I scrolled and whoop , there it is! πŸ™‚

  3. Roux’s face in the background of the photo of Andouille being pleased with himself!!

  4. I had the theme song from “The 6-million Dollar Man” in my head as I watched the slowed down video of the little nutbars!

    Oh, those little faces…

  5. YAY! I got the school picture banner!!! It’s gonna be a great day! Now, this post has ‘The Cuppa Kitten’ pics! The slow mo of Andouille.. hehehehe Please remind me again, who is being adopted with Andouille? and, has there been any interest in the remaining two? Nola doesn’t have any suitors yet, but she is beautiful! I love the ‘sha’ knowledge sharing! I totally hear Nola saying β€œMeow, sha.” Happy Friday!!!!

    • Beignet is going home with Andouille – the two floofies are going home together. There’s been some interest in Roux and Praline, but nothing that’s worked out yet.

  6. You should have named one of them Chicory, then you could have a cuppa Chicory with a Beignet on the side! Also, “sha” always reminds me of that Dennis Quaid movie, “The Big Easy.” Dennis Quaid is not a bad thing to be reminded of! πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m dying over here with that slowed video, love it! Needs to be in the favorites list for sure.

    And Roux trying to get a good picture of her and Andouille and he’s all, nope I’m outta here, so the look she’s giving in the next where he’s all satisfied.

    So happy to see that Frankie is doing so very well. Yay Frankie!!

  8. My dad, who is of Cajun stock, has a Cajun language joke he likes to tell. He says “What’s Cajun for ‘I’m sorry, can you repeat that’?” and I go “what?” and he says “HANH???” (like “huh” but with the A sound in “man”)

    You probably had to be there.

  9. I love Praline looking at her brother while he yawns. That look is pure Something’s wrong with that boy.

  10. The Cuppa photos made me think that “The Cuppas” could be a good name theme. Coffee: Latte, Au Lait, Cappuccino, Espresso, Java, Joe… Or tea: Darjeeling, Oolong, Jasmine, Chai, Earl (for a gray kitten, of course!)… (But naming a kitten “Constant Comment” would be just asking for trouble.)

  11. Ok, I gotta ask.. What is with Andouille? He is NEVER on all fours! Every time another kitten comes near him, he hops up on his back feet “Argh! I’s da Human! And I’s gonna getcha!” Seriously! His front paw pads will never be rough because they don’t spend enough time in contact with the floor!
    Kills me dead!

  12. I do feel guilty for slacking, though! – apparently not enough to do anything about it though πŸ˜€

    slow motion kitten kills me dead