6-16-16 Thursday

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A couple of people have asked – we’re not getting new fosters, we have fosters at the moment (Felix and Webster). They’ll be going home on July 5th, and a few days later I’m leaving on vacation. While I’m gone, Fred prefers not to have fosters (he’s got to do not only his own chores, but mine as well along with working full time, so he’ll be plenty busy enough). There’ll be new kittens after I’m back. (And don’t worry – there’ll be posts while I’m gone.)

Webster stretching after coming out of the pagoda cat tree.

Felix is all “What? Am hanging out with Uncle Archie!”

Webster and Archie were all ::sniff::Sniff::SNIFF::SNIFFFFFFFFF::

“Your breath is kinda stinky, Uncle Archie.”
“You’re one to be talking, kid.”

Felix was fascinated by Archie’s toes.

“Lady, why are these kittens all up in my space?”

Webster might have a little bit of a crush.

Archie and his minions.

Archie spent all day upstairs sleeping in Fred’s room, and for the most part the kittens left him alone, though they did occasionally sniff him. He’s not the first permanent resident they’ve come into contact with – we close the back door and open the screen door in the late afternoon, and let them run around downstairs with us. They’ve been hissed at by most of the big cats. The big cats are mostly past their hissing phase and are into their ignoring phase – Jake’s just about ready to start playing with them.


Barnaby, Bubble and Squeek have gone home to Brittany (in case you missed that news in yesterday’s post), but of course I have pictures of them left to share!

Squeek and Bubble, hanging out in the cat tree.

And Barnaby atop the cat file.

Sweet girls.

Squeek’s thinking “I could bite her in the face right now.”

Barnaby has a guffaw.

Barnaby has a Deep Thought.

We were gifted with not one but TWO felted wool caves – one for the permanent residents, and one for the fosters. I shoved Barnaby into this cave, and immediately Bubble came running over to squoosh him. They seem to think the caves make better beds to sleep on than caves to sleep in!

I edited yesterday’s post to reflect this, but I’ll repeat it here (and probably again tomorrow) – Brittany started up a Facebook page, Pounce to my Level, where you’ll be able to see Barnaby, Bubble and Squeek, along with other kittens. Go “like” it!


I realized I didn’t have any new pictures of Alice to share (did you know that I schedule permanent residents’ pictures so that they all get a turn in the blog? I even have the schedule written on the calendar so I know whose turn it is – I don’t want to play favorites!), so I went into the front room to take pictures of her. She posed prettily for me, and then flung herself onto her back to be petted. She loves her daddy, but if he’s not around, she’ll put up with the likes of me. (I didn’t get pictures of her rolling around on her back – sometimes you’ve gotta put the camera down and pet the kitteh!)

YouTube link.


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6-16-16 Thursday — 10 Comments

  1. How could sweet Webster not have a crush on Uncle Archie (AWWWCHEEEE!)!? I mean, who doesn’t??!!

  2. I tend to forget how little even the “bigger” kittens are, until I see them with one of the permanent residents. So cute!

  3. Archie’s face in the “Why are these kittens all up in my space?” pic. OMG I can’t even…

  4. the first tree photo? I swear you interrupted a secret kitten meeting.

    Alice = Kit.. she is the exact same way with my husband.

  5. Love those pictures of Felix and Webster with Uncle Archie. I suspect Archie enjoys their attention, but just likes playing the grumpy uncle!

  6. I noticed that fosters never have any aunts. Uncle Archie, uncle Dennis,etc. But no aunt Alice or aunt Sheriff Mama.

    • Huh – I had not noticed that, but you’re right! Probably because Aunt Alice would never be seen near kittens! πŸ™‚