6-15-16 Wednesday

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Monday afternoon, my nephew and his girlfriend – who were in the area briefly – stopped by to visit. With them, they brought…

This adorable puppy!

She’s a 3 month old bloodhound, and she was very well behaved (maybe a little scared). None of the permanent residents wanted anything to do with her, but she got to meet Barnaby, Bubble and Squeek, who thought she was strange and a little interesting (Bubble did give a little hiss, but she didn’t really mean it). Webster and Felix got to meet her, and they were very interested, did some extreme sniffing, and then ran off to play.

They’re all in Maine now (flew back yesterday). I, of course, did not get any pictures of the puppy meeting kittens, or many pictures of the puppy at all. But trust me – it was adorable!


Felix has a sleepy.

Webster would like you to know that his brudder has a comfy butt.

I’m so glad these boys are going home together – they sure do love each other (when they’re not trying to kill each other, of course. But they do it with LOVE.)

They’re turning out to be fabulous naptime companions, too!



Everyone loves the KitNipBox.

Fight! FIGHT!

I don’t know what Squeek is thinkin’, but it seems very Deep and Important.

Bubble gots a mouse!

This one, always looking so guilty.

“Lady, I recommend you put me down.” (Squeek)

“Weird lady, put me DOWN!” (Bubble)

“Really, lady?” (Barnaby)

Paws WAY up, y’all!

Barnaby, Bubble and Squeek have gone back to Brittany as of yesterday afternoon. She says you guys can follow her on Instagram here, and (edited to add) she started a Facebook page here!

Yesterday, being their last day with me, they figured out how to climb up onto my bed. This made it easier to lay and snuggle with them (the bed being so much more comfy than the floor), and so there was a lot of snuggling yesterday morning.

Because I am how I am, I’ve still got pictures of them to share at least through Friday, of course.


Jake on his platform in the kitchen, keeping an eye on someone – probably Alice. He looks super dark here, and at first glance I thought this was a picture of Maxi. Which is ridiculous, because Maxi would never go into the kitchen and hang out up high. Too many cats in there.


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6-15-16 Wednesday — 19 Comments

  1. Has Jake’s fur gotten darker as he gets older? I have a cat who is the same color…when she was younger, she was in the medium gray/blue range, but now, at age 13, she’s more of a charcoal/almost black.

    • No, it’s just the lighting in the kitchen is awful – any picture I take of him up on that platform, he looks really dark. As far as I can tell, he’s still the same shade of loony. Um, I mean gray. 😉

    • I love that post too – I sure did have a crush on Clove, she was such a gorgeous girl. That whole litter was!

  2. Do you think we will get updates for Webster and Felix? I have to know if they grow into their ears. 🙂

    Sweet Jake! He needs his Loonicorn to complete the look

  3. Several thinks I have:

    Holy Moly, Brian has sure grown up! I remember pics when he was a wee lad, he’s a cutie fer sure. I always wanted a bloodhound, such a sweet lil pup.

    Squeak in her deep thinks reminds me of the Brain. What are we going to do tonight, Squeak?

    You always take fabulous pics, but today’s are extra awesome.

    We had two boys, litter mates, and I’ve never seen two beings love each other so much. Lucky parents of Webster and Felix. LOVE this.

  4. Robyn, the link to Brittany’s facebook follow didn’t work for me (yes I am on FB). It said “content not available” or something like that. I tried at about 9:30am Wed. But I’m sure I will eventually find her through you or some way.

    The pictures are great as always and I’m sure I am not the only one who will be wondering-who’s next.

    • How odd! I clicked on it, and it worked… but maybe because I’m friends with her? If you look at my friends list on FB, she’s there, so you should be able to find her.

      • Since I’m friends with you on FB it was easy to see the new “Pounce” page Brittany started. Thanks to you both for filling my feed with kittehs!

  5. Ohhhhh, that baby bloodhound is adorable!!!!! Lucky you!
    Will have to start stalking Brittany! 🙂 Love those wee ones!

  6. Haha, I went to the 2011 post just to see all of Clove’s complaints. BUT I WAS REALLY DISTURBED when you showed Alice’s “hunting” sequence and then NOTHING. POOF. END OF BLOG.

    So I had to sing, “Alice Mo, the Calico, sure does love her DADDY-YOOOO!” to make things right again in the universe. 😉

  7. Mine were all snuggly yesterday.. I’m so glad I get to bring them home after their surgery for a little more snuggle.