6-17-16 Friday

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She certainly did. She’s innernets famous!


From GD: Update on my foster Binx: Wednesday he weighed 11 oz. Yesterday (pre-dinner) he weighed 1 lb 2.78 ounces!

Anyone who lives in the Jacksonville, FL area and is interested in an ADORABLE kitten…let me know. He will be ready in about 1 month+.

Here are some of Binx’s pictures. The close-up (second to the last) was a selfie that Binx actually took.

He is one talented (and opinionated) little man!


What do you mean by foster “room”? Surely you meant foster “roomS.” After all, if you move to another location, you can make sure you have enough rooms for everyone. Let’s see: a room for you, a room for Fred, a room for Fred’s office, a room for your office, and 2 or three foster rooms. So a 6-7 bedroom house with live-in maid quarters should be all you need. With at least 1 acre so the outside cats have room to ignore each other. THAT shouldn’t be hard to find at all!

I know, right?! I smell a kickstarter! (NO, not really!)


Have you seen this adorable kitten-escapes-death story?

I had not seen that – how sweet! What a lucky kitten!


OMG, LOL… the 2011 post about Clove’s complaints made me laugh unexpectedly all over again… and dribble coffee. Good thing I’m wearing a dark gray shirt.

I love that post so much!


Can you tell that Archie loves laying on Fred’s bed during the hottest part of the day?

Felix had to come do another thorough sniffing of Archie’s toes.

Then he sniffed Archie’s tail. “Yep! That’s Uncle Archie!”

Webster admired Archie from afar.

“You get away, Webster. This is MY Uncle Archie!”

“And I loves him!”


Okay, these are the last of the pictures I have of Barnaby, Bubble and Squeek. Here’s your reminder that you can see them on Facebook now!

Bubble looks pretty scared here, but she was actually trying to bite my hand, which I’d just pulled away. She likes to lay around with her mouth open, though…


More proof.

“POW! Right in the kisser!”

Squeek perfects her Little Miss Innocent face.

“I don’t WANNA go IN the cave, lady!”

“When I’m IN the cave, someone comes and sits his big butt on me!”

Barnaby is getting a serious mouthful of Squeek!

Barnaby toes in the sun.

I love how there’s just the tiniest bit of blue left around the edges of her irises.

“STOP following me!”

Squeek haz a skeptical.

More Barnaby toes, more sun.


Kitty yoga with Stefan.


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6-17-16 Friday — 18 Comments

  1. The kitten and the pilot are both c-u-t-e! 🙂 Love happy endings!

    I added more photos of Binx. So his selfie isn’t second to last anymore…but you will know which one is his handy work!

    Love Stefan’s stretchy toesies! Archie’s coloring is sooo soft and pretty!!!

  2. Love the Clove post. So funny. I see that Creed is back on the side bar. Was he just out for some fostering or was he returned again? We had a very nice girl kitty who was returned twice but finally, finally after a couple of months, was adopted last week. Yay Amanda. Funny how that name crops up from time to time. Snerk.

    • Awwww. I miss Amanda and her correcting us on etiquette and what a recipe is. 😉

    • No, Creed has been in the sidebar since I initially put him there (which took a long time to happen, because you know how I am). I believe he’s about to go for another try at Petsmart. Maybe this will be his lucky stay!