6-19-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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#Bubble and #Squeek like to lay in my lap and fight.

#BarnabyMouse looks worried, like he thinks I’m going to take his toy away. As if!

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So close!

Accidentally started to step on Alice’s tail, THREW myself backward to avoid hurting her, and stepped (barefooted) on a very sharp plastic cat toy that immediately embedded itself in the arch of my foot. Alice didn’t appreciate my sacrifice or my pain one tiny little bit. I’ll be crawling to bed now.

“Well? You gonna come snuggle us or what, lady?”

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Fighty girls. #Bubble #Squeek

“Do it be nap time, lady?” It do indeed, #Felix.

In which we haz a sleepy. #puppeh

We haz a thirst. #puppeh

We haz a bye-bye! #puppeh (Puppy was a visitor, of course. An utterly adorable little sweetheart. She got the once-over from the kittens and a little hiss from Bubble, but other than that, no drama at all. I only took a few pictures because I was too busy visiting with Brian and Katie!)

#BarnabyMouse, preparing to melt.

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#Squeek, chasing shadows.

Annnnd they’ve figured out how to get up on the bed. It makes snuggling with them a whole lot easier!

“Nawt funny, lady!” #BarnabyMouse #Squeek and #Bubble are going back to Brittany.

Before he went home to @mzungubrittain , #BarnabyMouse had some toe time. #toeses

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#Felix lubs his blankie

#Webster will have you know that it’s time for a nap!

#Felix thought he’d say hi to #JoeBob, but a hiss from Joe Bob made him rethink that idea.

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#TBT I found this video and don’t think I ever shared it. That’s #Susie in the @catladybox chasing her tail. #ArtVandelay jumped in to help out. They were about 7 weeks old!

BertMacklin (now Periwinkle), at about 8 weeks old, feeling a bit #dyspeptic, apparently.

“It’s almost Friday, y’all! #ArtVandelay (now Patches) at 10 weeks old. #tbt

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#Webster just knows that one of these days he’s going to CATCH that thing!

#Felix, hunting red dots with #UncleJake.

Good night, innernets.

It is #Caturday, ergo #Dennis does not have to roll his lazy tail out of bed (not that he’s ever required to, but at least today he has a good excuse.)

Slackers. #Felix #Webster

#NoMotivation #Webster #Felix


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6-19-16 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. Bert Macklin looks all “oh for the love of *bleep*”, lol. Oh, I miss those little muffins!

    LOL Alice. Yup, safe to say we’ve all been there. Why, just last week I came in from outside only to stumble on a fresh pile o’ barf while trying to avoid sending poor Atticus flying to the other side of the room with my bags, because he was standing too close to the door. Thanks dude!

  2. I think all cat owners have sacrificed their own bodies for their beloved putt’ns. THEN…they look at you like, “What are you d-o-I-n-g?!”