6-20-16 Monday

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Felix likes to get all up in Uncle Archie’s grill and sniff like crazy.

Uncle Archie puts up with it pretty well, as long as Felix doesn’t do it TOO often.

Webster thinks Uncle Stefan is interesting.

“HI, Unca Stefan! Hi!”

Uncle Stefan thought he’d show Felix who the boss was. Felix wasn’t skeered.

Webster got in the cave and was all “HI, Unca Loony!”

And along came Stefan.

They played Slappy Paws for a bit, and then Stefan wandered off.


Dennis has a case of the Mondays.



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6-20-16 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Webster and Stefan could be related! Twinsies!
    Love the little hand in the Slappy Paws photo.
    Hugs to you, too, Dennis!

    • Totally! Webster looks like a mini-Stefan. And that picture is a winner!

      Dennis is SO handsome!There are people that consider tabbies kind of common cats, but I believe some of the most beautiful cats are tabbies. <3 My Gandalf puts his arms on his eyes too! Too much light perhaps? And they definitely want to keep sleeping!

  2. Archie seems to like the kittens. Was Archie the cat that came in the cat door and made himself at home?

  3. Had to laugh at the 2014 entry. You can no longer say that the cats haven’t brought a snake in the house yet!