6-19-17 Monday

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These little muffins – Andouille and Beignet – are going home tonight!

“We are?”
Yes you are!

Beignet (who will be Bella) had donned her very special floofypants for the occasion.

And Andouille (who will be Andre) has sharpened his very sharp teeth!

He’s pretty much outgrown the Tiny Basket.

Paws up, y’all!


The Most Interesting Floof in the World.

Nola’s face is cracking me UP. “Yes, floofy one, I will miss you terribly. Especially the way you tromp all over me.”

The tabby girls will miss their brother and sister, but they’ll probably enjoy getting more air time on Love & Hisses. (I mean, if they cared.)

Pretty boy, we will miss your silly antics.

Yours too, sweet girl!

Luckily, these two have their very own Facebook page, and we’ll get to see them grow up. How very cool is that!


Sheriff Mama, keeping an eye out for shenanigans and lawbreakers.


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6-19-17 Monday — 11 Comments

    • No, they haven’t – Kay and Bill are “officially” doing foster-to-adopt, and the kittens will be spayed and neutered in another month or so. Praline and Roux are going to be spayed next Tuesday.

  1. Wishing all things magical and full of wonder for Andre and Bella and their forever family! I’m so glad we will be able to continue to follow their adventures on Facebook. Keep the floofiness flowing!

  2. I love adoptions straight from Crooked Acres! And I look forward to following these floofy babies in their new adventures. Congrats to all!!

  3. Yay to go straight home! So happy for you all. Thanks again Kay and Bill for creating the Facebook page for us to watch them grow.

  4. Have wonderful, happy, long and healthy lives, Bella and Andre!! Thanks for all the smiles you’ve sent my way. 🙂

    But – we still have Nola and babies Roux and Praline, and then – newbies!

  5. Now that Sheriff Mama has routed out all the evildoers, her job is much easier with the shenanigans and the lawbreakers.