6-11-19 Tuesday

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Esmee’s like “Jacques! Get your big ol’ butt outta here!”

“No room for boys!”

Watching NotTheMama eat.

Jacques is such a pretty boy.

“HUGS!” (Esmee)

Jacques and Amelie in the box. (There’s a heated pad in there, which they looove.)

That BELLY. (Esmee)

On Saturday, after I drove to Nashville and back, I got home and realized that Jacques was having nearly uncontrollable diarrhea. I ended up giving him a bath and keeping him in the bathroom to keep the mess contained. He spent Saturday night in there – and seemed okay with it – and by Sunday morning he was doing much better.

I spent, literally, all day Sunday working on turning the big room that had been Fred’s office into the kitten room. When it was done, it looked pretty good.

The room that will be Fred’s office (the former foster room) looks pretty rough. I’m hoping to get to that today.

You guys, I will never have fosters in the guest bedroom again. It was impossible to clean in there because it was so cramped, and by Sunday it was SO GROSS. It’s nice to have room to move around and clean in the foster room now. The best thing I did during this whole endeavor was to ask Fred to build a wooden box around the bottom of the couch so that no kittens/cats could go under there, BUT I have kicked the darn thing about 70 times. Who knew I was sticking my foot under the edge of the couch so often? One of these days my pinky toe is going to just snap clean off.

After the new foster room was set up, we put Margeaux in there, then put the kittens in the bathroom because… it was TIME FOR BATHS.


I’m thinking he might have liked that bath. (Jacques)

“What… is going… ON?!” (Esmee)

Due, possibly, to the irritation of having food on their noses for about 10 days (punctuated by me trying to clean it off with wet wipes), Esmee and Jacques’s noses look kind of awful – irritated and peeling. Hopefully that’ll resolve in time, but for now they’re a couple of hot messes.

“Seriously, lady. There’s NO milk at this bar!”

Video! The Adventures of Esmee. Seriously, that girl is lucky I haven’t squeezed the stuffing out of her.

YouTube link


Kara sleeps soundly, secure in the knowledge that there are no kittens in HER future.


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