6-5-19 Wednesday

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Guess who you can follow on Instagram now?

Albert and Willie! (And yes, they are keeping their names.) Click on the picture to go to Instagram and follow them, or click on this link right here. You should be able to see their page even if you’re not on Instagram.

(Note to myself: I realllly need to start a list of former fosters and where to follow them so people can find them more easily!)


In case you were wondering how Charles is handling the closed door of the guest bedroom, the answer is: if there’s a human in there, he howls outside the door to let us know that this is UNHEARD OF, that he should be able to be WITH his humans, and he does not like this ONE LITTLE BIT. If there’s no human in that room, then he ignores the door.

Almanzo isn’t fond of the closed door situation, but he mostly stays away from the door. He lets Pa handle it. He’s no dummy.

Caroline pretty much ignores the entire situation unless she sees that I have a plate of food in my hand, whereupon she’s pretty sure it’s for her, and she tries to lead me into her foster room, and then is puzzled when I take it into the guest bedroom.


When trying to fatten up tiny kittens, you’ve got to offer them a variety of foods. Pizza? Esmee’s not a fan.

Donuts? “I don’t like sweets.”

Fish tacos? “Ugh, fish. Not a fan.”

Jacques is all “Is someone offering food over here?”

“What’s going on?” asks Amelie.
“She thinks she’s funny.”

“You’re not funny, lady.”

I don’t know, I think I’m HILARIOUS. (All those food toys came from Target.)

“This belly isn’t gonna rub itself, lady.” (Amelie)

My lord, these kittens are cute. (Amelie)

Jacques loves his NotTheMomma.

Oh, that boy. (Jacques)


“I sees you with that camera, lady.” (Dewey)


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