Kara & babies – 6-5-08

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Every now and again over at Flickr, someone points out the fact that one of the kittens has an orange leg and it kind of looks like they’re cobbled together from spare parts. Actually, each of the three girl kittens has an orange leg, which I think is kind of neat. Inara’s the one with the super orange leg that looks like it came directly from an orange tabby, but Kaylee and Zoe have their orange mojo going, too.

We’ve decided, this weekend, that we’re going to set Kara up in the guest bedroom during the day on Saturday and Sunday. This’ll give her a little time away from those bratty kittens, I can see how the kittens act when she’s not around, we can introduce the kittens to some of the adults in the house (particularly Tommy) and see their reaction to strange cats, and hopefully I can see if Zoe is eating solid food, just not in front of me, or if she’s still exclusively nursing. I know they’re all still nursing, but I think it’s more a comfort thing for them than an actual need for nutrition. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen all the kittens except Zoe eat solid food.

The funny thing is that when I go into the room with a plate of canned food, Kara and River belly up to the plate. The three girl kittens take turns walking up to the plate, sniffing at the food, and then every one of them scratches at the floor around the plate to try to cover it up. Apparently that kind of canned cat food just isn’t their thing. It’s so cute I want to squeeze them to death.

“I just want to apologize to Josh’s mom, and Mike’s mom, and my mom. I am so sorry!”

“Because it was my fault. I was the one who brought them here. I was the one that said “keep going south.”

“I was the one who said that we were not lost. It was my fault, because it was my project.”

“I am so scared! I don’t know what’s out there. We are going to die out here! I am so scared!


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