6-12-19 Wednesday

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Awww, look at the cuteness we have here.

THREE of our former fosters – Stardust there in the back, Phoenix on the right, Ambercup (now Amber) in the middle – and their brother Truman on the left. (Now that I’ve said that, I’m aware that I may have mixed up Amber and Truman, and trust Debra will let me know if I have!) SO much tabby goodness on the bed (and that beautiful quilt!)

And Phoenix, posing like the little model she is.

(Thanks, Debra!)


“Bonjour, innernets! You may think at first glance that I am Margeaux. Mais non. It is not so!”

(Margeaux ensconced in her chateau in Nopesville.)

Innernets, please extend a hearty Bonjour! to…




And Eloise.

Their story is that they were at the same high-kill shelter as Margeaux and her not-kittens. After I brought Margeaux and the kittens home and we discovered that she’s not their Mama, Michelle mentioned that there was another nursing mother there, and that I could bring them home and possibly she’d let Margeaux’s (not)kittens nurse. However, Margeaux, Jacques, Amelie and Esmee were in the guest bedroom – which is a small bedroom – and we still had all of the Half Pints racing around the upstairs. I wasn’t willing to bring a second mother home and put her in that small room, because what if it didn’t work out and the mothers hated each other? I had no way to keep them separate. So I told Michelle that once the Half Pints were gone, I’d take the other mother and her kittens, since the new foster room is big enough that if they did hate each other, they’d have plenty of space so they wouldn’t have to interact.

Monday, I went and picked them up and brought them home.

It went really well. I opened the carrier and let Katriane and her kittens out. Margeaux and Katriane sniffed noses, then Margeaux noticed that there were even MORE kittens, exclaimed “Mon dieu!” and escaped to the far end of the room where she studiously ignored everyone else.

Meezer meeting. That’s Eloise in the litter box, telling Esmee (left) and Jacques how it is.

Then Eloise showed Jacques who the boss is.

This was on the second day. Katriane (on the floor) greeted Margeaux.

Then they greeted each other PROPERLY.

I was hoping very much that Katriane would let Margeaux’s notkittens nurse on her, and after she spent the morning and most of the afternoon ignoring the kittens, she finally let some nursing happen. Amelie was right there alongside Madeline and Francois.

Unfortunately, while she lets kittens nurse, she doesn’t let them nurse for very long. So my hope that she’d help fatten up Amelie likely isn’t going to happen.

A brief nursing interlude.

Margeaux comes along to see what’s going on, and says “Why, yes. You take care of that nonsense, thank you very much. I’ll be taking a nap.”

Jacques assesses the situation…

And makes himself at home.

To answer the questions I’m sure you have: Are they really Katriane’s kittens? I dunno! I do know that she’s had kittens – whether these three or some other kittens – because she’s producing milk. And she keeps an eye on them and lets them nurse a little, so. I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much, right? As far as she’s concerned, they’re hers. And when one of Margeaux’s (not)kittens has a complaint, Katriane will come see if there’s anything she can do. Between the two of them, they’ll provide some mothering for these kittens, and really – what more can we ask for?


Today I am dropping Amelie off at the vet. Despite the fact that she’s a good eater, she has gained nearly no weight at all in the two weeks we’ve had her. There’s something going on with her, and every step forward seems to be followed by a step back. We need to figure out what’s going on, because while she is tiny and cute, I cannot abide a skinny kitten and this will not stand. So keep her in your thoughts, and hopefully we’ll get some answers today.


He’s loonified.


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