6-13-19 Thursday

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I dropped Amelie off at the vet first thing yesterday, and she was home again by 2:00. Basically she got something to help slow the diarrhea, and we’re switching up her probiotic; hopefully that will help. Katriane is a little more amenable to letting the kittens nurse now that she’s more comfortable here, and I’ve started peeking in to see if there’s any nursing going on before I walk into the room, since the appearance of a human outranks any kittens needing to nurse, in Katriane’s opinion.

The eyes, they are a-chaaangin’. (Still blue, but you can see that they’re lighter.)

Margeaux sniffs Francois.

Madeline has a tiny complaint.

Jacques in the carrier, on a heated pad. As is necessary on a 85-degree day, in the warmest room in the house.

Margeaux has a think.

Francois shows off his mad tree-climbing skills, and Amelie is not impressed.

Katriane appears to be kittened out.

Amelie checks on the line at the milk bar.

Amelie, keeping an eye on Francois.

Madeline has her foot examined by Dr. Esmee.

Katriane shows off her fabulous stripes and gorgeous eyes. (She’s got a shaved spot on her left hip because she rubbed against something metal and got a cut. She’s got a few stitches. It’s certainly not slowing her down any.)

It’s a rough life for a cutie. (Esmee)

Yesterday afternoon, Margeaux was hanging out on the heated pad in front of the window, and started chattering. I looked to see what she saw, and there was Kara, walking across the yard. Later, I walked into the room and saw Margeaux and Katrine rubbing against each other. How sweet is that?


Seriously, does Alice Mo have THE most beautiful eyes, or what?

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