6-13-17 Tuesday

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Andouille has been more and more interested in stomping on out of the foster room. So I’ve started letting him out when I go into the foster room, and after a few minutes I go find him and bring him into the room with me.

The other day, Archie was laying on Fred’s bed, so I put Andouille on the bed with him to see what he’d do.

He stomped right on over to say “hi.”

His tail straight up in the air, he leaned in for a good long sniff.

Then Archie – naturally – got a little too intense, so Andouille backed off.

But then Andouille spotted Archie’s tail and had to go check it out.

“NO,” said Archie.
“Sorry sorry sorry!” said Andouille. Which is when I picked him up and took him back into the foster room with me.

Also interested in coming out of the foster room is Roux. She doesn’t run out all the time, but occasionally she decides she’d like to see what’s going on in other parts of the world.

Then she remembers that she needs to put her Floof Suit on. Isn’t it fabulous?

Frankie’s like “Yeah whatever, whippersnapper.”

I decided yesterday morning that I’d put the kittens downstairs, in my bedroom, to give Nola a bit of a break for the day. I got them all set up and then Dennis, who’d been snoozing in his giraffe cave, came out to say hi.

Everyone else was too busy sniffing around, but Roux took one look and said “I’ve got JUST the outfit for this occasion. ::HISS!::”

And Dennis went to the door and said “I’ll be going now, bye kids!”

On another topic altogether, all four kittens posed for me at different times on the same piece of furniture and I was pleased that I happened to be there to snap pictures.




And Roux.


Video! Nutty, crazy, bouncy kittens, that is all.

YouTube link


This morning, I am dropping Frankie off for his dental surgery, wherein our vet will remove some of his teeth to hopefully cure his stomatitis. So we’ve been spoiling him a bit lately, especially over the weekend.

I harvested a large amount of fresh catnip because we were removing the raised beds they were growing in, and I piled the catnip on top of the well shed while I helped (most supervised) Fred using his tractor to scoop up the dirt from the raised beds.

When I turned around a little while later, this was going on.

Now THAT is a boy who loves his ‘nip.

Thank you again, everyone who donated toward the cost of Frankie’s surgery. I expect him to come through surgery with flying colors – I will, of course, update y’all on him tomorrow!


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6-13-17 Tuesday — 23 Comments

  1. Good luck, Frankie. May this be the answer to all your woes. AND MAY IT NEVER COME BACK!!!

    Now, if someone adopted ALL four of those babies….they should take those pictures (posing) and put them in a horizontal frame (you know the kind that is pre-matted and spaced out). How awesome would that be? Ok, so as long as Roux and Praline get adopted TOGETHER, then the two adopters can get those sort of frames but with two. However, make note that Roux and Praline need to be adopted TOGETHER!! You would have the most fabulously stripped kittens currently walking the earth and we all know what a snuggler Roux is! (Sales pitch over.)

  2. Lovely, fun photos — as usual. Good luck, Frankie: very soon your life is going to be even more awesome!

  3. Huggles to Frankie – we hope you are going to be feeling MUCH better after this! And there is a whole lot more catnip waiting for your return!

  4. Good Luck Frankie! Hope you feel better real soon.

    The pictures are SO CUTE!!!!! Robyn, it is a good thing (for you) that I have been out of town much of the last month or I would have been camping in your foster room. I am sure that this week will go very slow because I am so anxious for Monday the 19th to get here. I am glad to see that Andouille is not afraid to approach other kitties. Hopefully that means that his introduction to Jessica will go smoothly.

    • Oh I hope it goes well with Jessica too. But then who couldn’t just fall in love with that little orange fluff ball? Or all that sugar all over Beignet? Jessica will be showing them the ropes in no time. πŸ™‚

      So, any thoughts as to what GD says about those pictures? You’d just have to get one with Jessica to round it out. The one with Beignet is too adorable.

    • He is VERY good about backing off when the adults hiss or growl at him. He’s interested, he wants to be friends, but he’s not super pushy about it. I bet he and Jessica will be friends pretty quickly. Beignet is a little more timid, so I love that they’re going together. Maybe the girls will gang up on him and put him in his place. πŸ˜‰

  5. Frankie, my boys send you high-paws for a smooth surgery. Atticus is a pro at the dental extraction stuff, and says to remember to milk the recovery time for every bit of gooshy food, snuggles, and “aw, buddy, you ok?” that you can. You may get the occasional kiss, but whatevs.

    The interaction between Andouille and Uncle Archie on the bed is hilarious!

  6. Oh, and the 2012 post is when you first told us that “Cicero” (who? lol) is also known as “Stompers”! And look at how tiny he was!!

  7. I love the “Meet your Elders” game!

    Andy’s pretty lucky he’s not a towel and Roux’s fashion sense is impeccable, LOL

    Much LOVE & KISSES (c wut I did thar? hahaha) to our boy, Frankie. I hope everything works out for that sweetie!

  8. Good luck, Frankie! I am prescribing, along with the prerequisite post surgery antibiotics, chicken baby foods and delicious gushy foods and Frankie’s choice of where an when to rest over the next 10 days… πŸ™‚

    The video compilation is awesome! Plenty of skitters, many, many hops, and a lot of Ninja skills displayed. Swearing that the kitten who assaulted Nola coming out of the closet was all like, “Oh, whoops, Momma, I sorry, Momma, you okay?” and that is right on precision displayed with the aerial attack of Andouille – I think she surprised herself! These kittens sure do get and engage vertical lift – like they have springs or tiny little jet packs mounted on their hind legs.

    Crooked Acres – where dreams come true! We’ve heard about boiled chickens falling from the sky, ham being handed out, etc., but now.. now a wagon load of nip??? Dude, what more could one ask for????? (and Frankie has it all to himself!) I think Disney has some serious competition for the “Happiest Place on Earth”!!!

  9. Archie intense? Really?

    Best wishes for Frankie, hope everything goes all right.

    Wonder what would happen if you laid down a couple branches of catnip in the house? Heh, heh. And not that I encourage introducing minors to pharmaceticals, but how would the Cajuns react?

    • Ha – I brought a couple of branches into the foster room, and it was overwhelmingly “meh.” They sniffed at it, they looked at me like “Yeah?” and then they ran off to play.

  10. All our best to Frankie. The Hellboys send him purrs to heal quickly.
    Max, Puck and Phred Thunderpaws

  11. Many, many well wishes to Frankie!!

    Love that video. NOLA was all “What the hell just happened?” And Andouille with the “Aw, hells no, you not gonna attack me and get away with it!” πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks everyone for the Frankie well wishes – he should be in surgery right now, and hopefully it’s going well.

  13. Best wishes also from me to Frankie!
    Who is it that makes the banners around here because those 4 “school” pictures NEED to be in one. Or make one with all of their “open mouths of outrage” and call it Ragin’Cajuns! πŸ™‚ TIA!