6-12-17 Monday

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The fosters-in-waiting have officially been named! (For those of you who aren’t aware, the fosters-in-waiting are at the shelter waiting for my foster room to open up.)

Mama is Belle.

The brown tabby boy is Chip.

The gray and white tabby boy is Gaston.

This little light is Lumiere.

And the girl kitten is Mrs. Potts.

Is it odd to name a kitten Mrs. Potts and her brother Chip, when Mrs. Potts was the mother and Chip was her son in the movie? Perhaps. But at least this way Mama can remain Belle, since initially we thought we’d be going with a Wild West name theme, and I dubbed her Belle Starr. (And of course the good thing is that I can still use that awesome naming theme in the future!)

(They are now named after characters from Beauty and the Beast, if you hadn’t already guessed. I’ll likely call them Belle and the Beasts, or maybe even just The Beasts.)

Lumiere admires his tail. Isn’t it fabulous?

Gaston, you wanna keep that to yourself, please?

Poor Mama – those kittens are just so RUDE.

Like all Mamas, Belle certainly puts up with a lot.

Mrs. Potts and Chip, fighting in my lap.

“I needs to take a picture!”

Mrs. Potts’s fabulous peachy-pink leg.


Andouille, Praline, and Roux really like to occupy that window bed. But where’s Beignet? Fear not, she’s nearby.

Maybe she’s afraid they’ll squoosh her floof.

I love the two very similar poses. That’s Roux in the front – and you know who that floofy orange boy is.


Mama takes a break.

The whole family in one picture! Not nearly all in focus or anything, but at least they’re all present and accounted for. Was there a feather teaser up there, do you think?

Today, the kittens are 10 weeks old! I’ll weigh them later today (including Nola) and report on their weights tomorrow.


Archie is having none of your nonsense today, thank you very much.


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6-12-17 Monday — 13 Comments

  1. Two mama cats, loads of kittens — and Archie: a perfect start to the day. Many thanks!

  2. LOL… the Beasts naming theme works beautifully.. as I looked at each picture I thought each one suited their name perfectly!

  3. Chip as a name for a kitten is hilarious! I know nothin’ of Beauty and the Beast (yeah…and I loathe Nutella. I’m just plain weird.), but the names fit!

    Archie needs a kiss.

    • Hey, Nutella is one of those things I’m okay with but don’t seek out. My trip to Europe educated me a LOT on chocolate and now I want the expensive stuff (sigh). I suppose this’ll help me eat less chocolate.

  4. The way Archie’s fur is laying on his nose makes him look like he has a very tiny monocle on his right nostril.