6-12-15 Friday

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I think we need a Lucy pic too. How’s her weight? Is she maintaining or are those little remoras sucking the weight off her still?

Y’know, it is REALLY hard to get a picture of her where she isn’t covered in kittens, or hanging out under the bed (to get away from the kittens)! I’ll see if I can’t get a few pictures of her alone in the week ahead. She’s pretty much maintaining her weight, though she’s still too thin. I don’t think she’ll be able to put any real weight on until she’s separated from the kittens. I’ve tried locking her in the bathroom away from them for a few hours at a time, but she hated that. I wish we had a screened-in porch or an extra room where I could put her, away from the kittens, to relax without being swarmed!


Maybe my vision ain’t what it used to be, but in the top picture it’s hard to tell where the kittens end and the rug begins.


that wire walk-through comb doesn’t help. From the top it looks like some kitten sculpture by Damien Hirst

If I’d realized how much time fosters would spend sleeping adorably on that rug, I probably would have opted for a solid color!


How is Creed doing since he has been returned? Keeping my fingers crossed his forever home comes along soon.

He is doing well – he was at Petsmart for a while, but I think the stress of being in the cage was getting to him, so he went back to the shelter. I sure wish his people would come along and find him, it’s well past time.


I LOVE the “Hallo, yes, security?” photo from 2012 so much!!! In fact, strangely enough I was wondering where it was just a while ago, and voila, it shows up! That needs to be in the favorites!

I’ve added it to the favorite posts page. Maybe I need to start a “favorite pics” page?

I adore that picture so much. (That’s Kennebec and Agata, for those of you who don’t already know.)


I’m sorry, but I don’t think I understand the hashtag thing. What is it supposed to do when there are a string of hashtags in the Facebook descriptions? I think I must be old and behind the times or something.

Catherine answered this one for me (thanks, Catherine!) : Pam, they’re for Instagram. If you click on the hashtag it will take you to all the photos that people on Instagram have uploaded and tagged with the same thing.

So if you click on #belushi, for example, it’ll show photos of our adorable tabby beauty-boy, as well as pics of John Belushi (and anything else someone has tagged #belushi).

Provided hours of fun with the Rock Stars and the Grocers! [I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and these things amuse me]


Ok…the bottom half…is that the Grocers? Trader Joe and all? Love the picture!

There are fosters from two different litters, actually – some Cheez Doodles, and some Grocers. At the top are Mooch (the brown tabby) jumping at Grant (the buff tabby). That’s Dennis on the cat tree, Marshall flying through the air at the feather teaser, and Mooch below him. In the middle is PW flying after Ralph. At the bottom are Von (brown tabby with white feet) fighting with PW, and Trader Joe biting PW. The more I look at that picture (and I look at it a lot, because I’m in and out of the foster room all day long, of course), the more I love it!


It cracks me up how, except for her feet, you can’t see Lucy at all.

Belushi, using his brudder (Shecky, I think) as a pillow.

Lucy and her swarm of fools.

Belushi lubs his Mama.

~~thlurrrp~~ goes Louis.

Snuggly buff brudders (Shecky on the left, Skelton on the right), with a little Louis and Carlin tossed in for good measure.

Belushi ponders his next move.

Snuggly sisters (Roseanne on the left, Gilda on the right).

Carlin looks amused here, doesn’t he?

And now he’s all pouty.

It’s a monkey pile!

Gilda is the only one who was interested in playing on the iPad.

She was playing with a selfie app (the app is Cat Selfie by Acceleroto) and took 170 pictures of the ceiling and ceiling fan, and zero of herself. I think someone needs to explain selfies to her.


Video! Carlin loves, loves, LOVES the track toy.

YouTube link.


Two weeks ago, I left that bag on the floor after getting groceries. By the time I got around to picking it up, it was occupied. It’s been occupied ever since, most often by Archie, who is clearly super duper stressed.


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6-12-15 Friday — 4 Comments

  1. Creed is doing well. He’s still a bit of a bully and instead of reacting when someone gets in his face, he will seek them out and whack them. Doesn’t matter who – he is an equal opportunity whacker. I don’t see blood or clumps of hair nor do I hear much fighting so the others are apparently holding their own against him. He loves people though and would really like to get out of the catroom and have a place of his own.

  2. I confess, I couldn’t see Lucy in her swarm of fools. Finally saw her pretty face, down at the bottom.

  3. Some of those pictures with Lucy swarmed by kittens it’s hard to see her! Love the picture of just her feet sticking out.