6-11-15 Thursday

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Can you believe that these little monkeys are TEN WEEKS OLD?

Belushi can’t believe it, either!

Gilda is doing the math in her head, because she’s not sure I counted right.

Louis gives me the attitude.

Rickles is all “But I don’t WANNA grow up! Where’d my youth go?”

“When I’m TWELVE weeks old, I’m gonna rule this world!” says Roseanne.

“Oooh, a toy!” says Shecky.

Skelton is more concerned with the fact that he DOES NOT LIKE being on that bookcase and I better put him back down on the floor RIGHT NOW.

And he’s only 8 weeks old, but we have to include Carlin!

He has such a sad and serious little face, you’d never guess what a total lovebug he is.

I weighed them all yesterday, and was not at all surprised to find that Rickles and Shecky are both over 3 pounds. I updated the weight chart on their page, which you can see here. Roseanne’s the smallest of the Fools now, at a mere 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Well, actually Carlin’s the smallest Fool, if you want to get technical, and is now over 2 pounds.

Since everyone’s over 2 pounds, I’m taking all the kittens to be spayed and neutered on Monday. I ordinarily wait ’til they’re 3 months old – since they can’t have their rabies shots ’til then – but I’d like to get the fixin’ over with, and I can just make a trip back to the vet in a couple of weeks to get their last shots.

Check out these pictures for comparison.

Lucy with her 4 day old Fools.

And with her 10 week old Fools.


Oh, Dennis. Can you believe that this time last year I was trying to find him a home? Doesn’t he have THE most gorgeous eyes? I love that boy so!


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6-11-15 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. At yet another airport and its 6am. How wonderful to have my day brightened by watching these munchkins celebrate their 10 (and 8) week birthdays…and to see handsome Dennis. My favorite post, about him getting his home, should be up soon….

  2. 10-weeks! Noooooooo! But oh have they not grown into such seriously cute teenaged kittens!

    Dennis, just wait til you meet them.

  3. I think we need a Lucy pic too. How’s her weight? Is she maintaining or are those little remoras sucking the weight off her still?

    I’d forgotten about those pics of Buttercup attempting a stranger danger suit. How, uh, ineffectively threatening. Bless her heart.

  4. the bookcase is a brilliant idea of a backdrop..

    smart to wait till they can have their rabies vaccine. Our shelter doesn’t, and leaves that on the pet owner to do

  5. I know I say this every time…but I think this is my favoritest litter EVER. Such little darlings!

  6. Stop growing up so fast Fools !!!!!!!!!

    Dennis you are a gorgeous one !!!! and you know it !!!!

  7. I’m at the airport also & these men sitting next to me were “sneaking peeks” at The Fools.

    Love all the kids but I must admit that Gilda is my favorite!

    • LOL-I’m sitting at a car wash and I’ve got someone sneaking peeks too. Can’t blame them-these are seriously cute kitties!

  8. They look so grown up! How did that happen? WHEN did that happen?

    Louis’ little face just destroys me.

  9. Carlin reminds me of Baby Beans. Such a cutie! I can’t get over how big they are. Lucy isn’t a big cat and she disappears under the kids.