6-10-15 Wednesday

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Pile of kittens on the rug in Fred’s room indicates that there was a recent drive-by nursing.


In a perfect world, someone would break into the house, take that closet door down, strip it, and repaint it. Think I could train the kittens to paint? (I’m sure they’d LOVE to get their paws on a bucket of paint!)

Oh, that sweet Roseanne. Did I pick her up and squeeze her? You know I did!

Shecky has a bit of the Loon to him, with an extra helping of AMAZEment.

Roseanne, scheming.

“Wahhh! Lady! We tryin’ to sleeeeeeep!”

Cat tree full o’ kittens.

Rickles just loves to be upside-down, apparently.

Roseanne discovered the dog-fur cat toy* and dragged it around the room and up onto Fred’s bed, growling the entire time.

*A cat toy made of dog fur. A couple of years ago, Fred went out and brushed George and Gracie. I gathered up the dog fur, tossed it into a pillow case, and ran it through the washer several times. It tangled together in a mass, and the kittens ADORE playing with it.

Shecky and Louis – brudderly love.


Stefan and his terrible, hard-working, day-to-day-grind of a life. You GOTTA feel sorry for him!


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6-10-15 Wednesday — 19 Comments

  1. Maybe my vision ain’t what it used to be, but in the top picture it’s hard to tell where the kittens end and the rug begins.

    • that wire walk-through comb doesn’t help. From the top it looks like some kitten sculpture by Damien Hirst

    • I know – if I’d realized how much time the fosters were going to spend laying on that rug, I might have preferred a solid color!

  2. “drive-by nursing” *snort* Good thing I’m not a coffee drinker- I’d be cleaning my keyboard.

  3. Poor half-feral Stefan, so stressed out by the domestic life. How is Archie doing?

    • Will no one help this poor boy out. How does he hang on day after day suffering as he does?

  4. FYI, ever since my last update on my tablet, I haven’t been able to “LIKE” (Facebook) your posts. I’m sure it’s a function of my (stupid moron) tablet. That is where I read your posts (every morning!! 6am!!) and I didn’t want you to think I suddenly *didn’t* like your posts just because I’m not able to click on the button properly. I’m sure this development has kept you, and Fred, up nights. (I’m rolling my own eyes at myself.) Sigh. (But I feel better having told you.) And I do lurve these kittehs!!!

    • I swear it’s Facebook fault. Juuuust when you get things running the way you like, they CHANGE something!

  5. Kitten tree is in full bloom..

    and in a perfect world, your faerie godmother would do that πŸ™‚

    and seriously, now I want a dog hair toy..

  6. If anyone could train kittens to paint, it would be you Robyn. How cute would it be to have a collage made of Lucy and the Fools?

    As always, love your pictures. I think Roseanne would be better to have than an alarm clock πŸ™‚