6-9-15 Tuesday

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All 8! From left to right: Gilda, Carlin, Rickles, Shecky, Roseanne, Louis, Skelton and Belushi (who is 100% over my nonsense).

And again, this time using the flash.

Belushi decided he had better places to be.

One thing I know for sure: when I find a pile of kittens like this, it means they were all nursing, Lucy decided they were done, and the kittens were so milk-drunk they couldn’t be bothered to move.

Rickles sure does like that table by the window. His ears seem particularly huge in this picture.

Sweet boy.

Another kitten pile. I love how Carlin is flopped right across the pile.

Sweet flirty boy.

“Hallo, laydeez.” (I actually posted a picture that looked very much like this one on the Facebook page yesterday. Louis likes to show off his kibbles and bits, apparently.)

“Um, no. We not having a secret meaning about how to unlock the screen door, lady. We would never!”

Yes, that is Lucy on the platform of the cat tree in Fred’s room, and Roseanne and Louis nursing. Kittens who are wanting the milk bar are seriously tenacious little creatures.


Can you tell that Fred was standing right behind me? You know she’s got no time for ME, the Alice Mo is ALLLLL about her Daddy (yo)!

YouTube link.


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6-9-15 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. I love the pictures of the kittens on the bed, all lined up neat in a row!

  2. All except for Carlin, that is! Little boy just has to be the odd one out, flopped down instead of sitting nicely like his big brothers and sisters. (He’s got a lot of the Dennis going on, or is it just me?)

    It seems everyday I have a new “favourite”. Today, it’s Rickles.

  3. 4:22 am: First laugh of the day. “…kibbles and bits.” Thanks, Robyn.

  4. Are there links to previous years, and I can’t see them on my computer?

  5. How is Creed doing since he has been returned? Keeping my fingers crossed his forever home comes along soon

    • He’s doing fine – he was at Petsmart for a while, now he’s back at the shelter. I wish someone would come along and fall in love with him, he’s such a sweet boy!