6-8-15 Monday

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FYI, on yesterday’s date in 2007, I introduced our new fosters. One of them was Maryann, who later came to be named Stinkerbelle.

Also, on yesterday’s date in 2012, I introduced Cicero, who became Stompers!

And in 2013, I gave y’all the 411 on Stefan, and referred to him as “half-feral.” Uh huh. Yeah, SUCH a feral cat.


All 8 Fools – and Lucy’s back end. From left to right: Carlin (in the bowl), Skelton (looking up at the ceiling fan), Belushi, Roseanne (behind Belushi), Louis, Rickles, Shecky, and Gilda.

Guess what time it is!

Lucy and her Fools.

Rickles, Louis and Carlin, bonding in the basket.

Kittens on the cat tree in Fred’s room (with a huge picture of Tubby looking on).

Belushi, Gilda and Shecky. These kittens LOVE that cat tree, and can often be found piled up on it, sound asleep.

Roseanne has found a toy.

Carlin, showing Shecky who the boss is.

Rickles reflects upon how badly that window needs to be cleaned.

I feel very judged by you right now, Louis.


Video! Yesterday afternoon, I was settled down on Fred’s bed with my favorite pink and brown cat blanket over me. Louis was perched on my chest, purring and purring as I petted him. Suddenly, Lucy climbed into my lap.

“Awww!” I thought. “She wants to snuggle!”

Then she started calling and calling to her kittens. The next thing I knew, I was pinned under Lucy and all 8 kittens. They nursed for a few minutes, and then Lucy decided her location was not to her liking, so she struggled out from underneath her brood, walked about a foot away, and flopped down again. The kittens followed. Turn the volume up to get the maximum purring-kitten effect.

YouTube link.


Jake, in a rare un-Loony moment.


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6-8-15 Monday — 20 Comments

  1. The older ones are just starting to get that “cat shape” not going to be kittens much longer but I’m starting to think Lucky may be nursing them as long as she is with them; we’ve had some cat that did that, with two giant “kittens” bigger than the Mom cat was (three years after they were born) lol

  2. Awww, Miss Stinkerbelle as a little kitten! I love her just as much as she loves Tommy 🙂
    As to the Carlin-Shecky picture, what I sense here is more like “I love you, big brudder!” vibes 🙂

  3. Not just kitten purring, but contented little smacking sounds. What a great way to start my Monday!

  4. For Lucy: Bless her heart! What a great momma kitty. The large cat tree reminded me of when my late husband actually cut a small tree and fixed it on the screen porch for my cats. He put flat pieces of plywood for perches. The cats loved, loved, loved it. Kinda like being out in the wild and climbing a tree. (I miss my husband and my cats! sigh)

  5. Lucy disappearing under those kittens reminds me of Maggie who nursed her own and more!

  6. I LOVE the “Hallo,yes,security?” photo from 2012 so much!!! In fact, strangely enough I was wondering where it was just a while ago, and voila, it shows up! That needs to be in the favorites!

    And while you are a very good surface for napping, you obviously won’t do for nursing!! 😉

    • Yes,I noticed that, too. I so hoped he would keep these electric blue beepers forever…

  7. You think you feel pinned under all those kittens — just think how Lucy feels! LOL!

  8. that dirty window pic may be my favorite of Rickles, he so adorable!

    Louis is SO judging you.

  9. If I was pinned under a nursing mom and eight kittens, that would be the best part of my day. Right there.

  10. Jake looks very noble in that picture.

    He also looks like he has one green and one gold eye. It’s Game of Thrones Jake!

  11. Video: Lucy gets the Thousand Yard Stare at around :42-poor overworked Mama! 🙂

  12. I love how one of the buff kitties just stayed attached as Lucy moved LOL