6-7-15 Sleepy Sunday

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Carlin is sleepy.

This whole pile of kittens (all of them are present except for Rickles, who was sitting at my feet howling up at me) are sleepy.

Skelton is sleepy – and Carlin makes an excellent pillow.

Roseanne is considering a trip to SleepyTown.

Gilda and Rickles, using each other as pillows.

Rickles and his fabulous spray of whiskers are sleepy.

“We is sleepy, lady! Put that camera down and snuggle us!” (Rickles and Skelton)

The whole bunch of sleepy kittens.

Roseanne has a sleepy complaint.

Skelton and his gorgeous eyes are sleepy.

Louis has a definite lights-on-no-one-home vibe going on.

Rickles using Carlin as a pillow – and Belushi staring off into space.

Wahhh! He’s da sleepy BAYBEEEE.

An adorable Gilda, Roseanne, Shecky, and Skelton pile.


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6-7-15 Sleepy Sunday — 16 Comments

  1. Was it really only a year ago that Dennis was still looking for his forever home? Little did we know he’d already found it! 🙂

    • Carlin is my favorite. He reminds me so much of a dear little runt kitten I once had named Munchkin, Munch for short. Munch had the same brown tabby coat and abbreviated tail.

  2. I’ll say it again – I makes me so happy and smiley-faced to see how easily Baby Carlin has been so quickly accepted as one of the gang by his foster siblings. Yay for the little man!

    (And STOMPERS posts start up in the Previously posts!!!)

  3. Dennis’s funny little face from last year! “Dennis, we need to find you a home!” “I already AM home! Hoomins!”