6-7-14 – Dennis (still!) needs a home!

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Our sweet Dennis STILL needs his forever home.

He sure wishes his people would hurry up. He’s waiting!

What can I tell you about Dennis that I haven’t already? He’s the sweetest boy, but he’s very skittish if you walk toward him. However, if you sit down (or, as he prefers, lay down on the bed), he’s right there for love and petting.

Enjoys a good chin scratching.


LOVES a good belly rub, and when he’s comfortable with you, he’ll flop down next to you and present the belly immediately.

Gets along well with other cats, though kittens freaked him out at first because they’re so tiny and terrifying.

Then he had to make this face, because they annoyed him.

Then they REALLY annoyed him.

There’s not an alpha bone in Dennis’s body, though, so he adjusted quickly.

He’s had to discipline those kittens a few times, but he’s gentle about it. Little ones have to learn how to act right, you know.

He is just the most beautiful brown tabby with thick, silky fur and gorgeous green eyes.

Dennis is about 8 months old now (I think – I don’t remember what his date of birth is, but I can certainly find out for you if you want to know!), and from what I can tell, he’s going to be a small cat. He is a sweet little lovebug whose interests include snack time, belly rubs, nap time (with cuddles), and wildly running around with a toy in his mouth. He’s fond of feather teasers – not a huge jumper, but he’s got some decent springs in his knees – and really likes batting around mylar balls.

He’s a reserved kitty, but when he decides you’re okay, he is an absolute little love.

You can read a detailed description of Dennis here, and read more about him here, and here.

Dennis is located in the Huntsville, Alabama area, and although Challenger’s House will do long-distance adoptions, the adopter is required to come here to get him. I believe he’d be okay on a long car ride (in a crate), and might be okay in an airport situation if tranquilizers were used to calm him down.

If you have any questions about Dennis, please email me – mizrobyn (at) gmail.com He’s been here with us for four months now, so we know him pretty well. If you are interested in adopting him, you can contact Susan at Challenger’s House by phone – 256-420-5995 – or by email: challengershouse (at) mchsi.com


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6-7-14 – Dennis (still!) needs a home! — 16 Comments

  1. Oh Dennis. I would love to have you join my feline family! I have a fraidy cat that hides whenever people come over, so your shyness would not be an issue. If only I didn’t live a billion miles away-that would be one HELL of a long car ride!
    I am sending all the good juju I can your way to find your forever home! You are going to make someone very happy!

  2. Robyn-I’ve already shared Dennis’ info a few times. I will happily share again. Do you mind if I copy the pictures and put a few captions on them? People on FB seem to love kitties with captions.

  3. Shared. I know I’m in the wrong area of the country to probably get much interest, but maybe one of my friends will know someone. Dennis is one of my favorites of all your fosters — he has SUCH an adorable face! I hope he finds his home soon!

    • I figure that if enough people share and enough of their friends see and read about him, the right person will happen to see him, too. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  4. Who’s the non-orange stripy kitten on the bed with Dennis (3rd pic from the bottom)? I thought all the kittens were orange.

  5. I would love to adopt Dennis, but I don’t think he’d travel well to Seattle. Hopefully his forever family comes along soon.

  6. My cat, Pearl, was nine months old when I adopted her. She is her own kettle of fish (SHE HAS ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES) but Dennis still totally has his youthful charm while being mature enough to have developed a clear temperament which makes it easier for someone to decide whether he’d be a good cat for them! It’s a good age for adoption!
    The only reason this is taking so long is because ONLY EXACTLY THE RIGHT PERSON will come for Dennis, and… and they’re having car trouble, or something.

  7. Beautiful boy you have there. If I had my own home I would totally go and get him. He’s so beautiful. As such is impossible for ME, I have shared his photo on FB and hoping someone will come and see the handsome boy soon!