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Dude, that side-eye pic is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time. I want to scoop him up and smooch him!

I have been having way too much fun with that picture this week. The look on his face KILLS me!


Is it just me, or are there look-a-likes in the past years? I think Creed looks like Norbie and one of the Rescuees (Gavin?) looks like Gilbert.

Creed (2009) left, and Norbie (2013) right.

Gavin (2010) left, and Gilbert (2014) right.

I often see resemblances between current and past fosters, and with as many as I’ve fostered at this point (242!), it’s not surprising.


I thought of you and your little hats, Robyn, when I saw these! (And of course, Jon Snow!)



When one of my cats (RIP at age 17) was a 8 week old kitten, she bolted out the door at night. I was panicked because I feared I would never find her in the pitch of night. However, her mama (Dalmatian mix) bolted out after her and found her around the side of the house under a shrub asap. In no way was she going to lose her baby (they were BFFs like I have never seen)!!! My cat l-o-v-e-d dogs and was completely unimpressed by cats).

When Fred and I were walking around the property looking for Dennis the other night, Maxi and Newt were following us around. I kept saying “Go find Dennis! Go find him and bring him home!”, but Maxi was pretty sure that she wasn’t up for that nonsense.


have you seen this? too cute.

Those are awesome. 🙂


If anyone thinks they [the cat baskets on Etsy] are a bit pricey, well, I made one myself. 15″ in diameter (across the bottom) to fit my 2 Maine Coon mixes and the one Ragdoll mix. It took a lot of time and thread. I did make mine so that there wasn’t any raw cut edge of fabric showing…but still. Worth every penny!

GD shared this video with me a long time ago:

YouTube link.

And while I haven’t made my own basket yet, I actually think I COULD, and I certainly INTEND to… one of these days!


So are we going to get the full Dennis story?

The full Dennis story isn’t that exciting – Fred found Dennis sitting on the back steps. So instead of being smart and banishing him to the upstairs during the day like WE SHOULD HAVE, we went another way. We have a Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier that I bought last Fall, and which worked well with one of the Sopranos (I don’t remember which one, but I think it was Meadow.) So we put the collar on Dennis and put the barrier by the back door (let me just add here that I wanted to put the barrier in the doorway to the laundry room – there’s no reason Dennis needs to go into the laundry room – but Fred objected). Fred checked on Dennis at one point, and Dennis was in the cat bed on the dryer. Then we got sidetracked by watching Game of Thrones, and when Fred went to check again, Dennis was gone.

We tramped all over the property for an hour, searching and calling for him, to no avail. So we left the back door open and turned the barrier off, in hopes that he’d find his way back over the back yard fence and into the house. Which is exactly what happened – when Fred got up at 4:30, Dennis was curled up sound asleep in the pagoda. And he hasn’t been allowed downstairs during the day since!


Your “cat on the fridge” photo reminded me to send you this.

Love it!


I couldn’t help it and converted some of the Marshall FishCave video (a couple of posts back) into animated gifs. They can be found here!

There’s three different ones (well, two and a loop) but I have differing sizes/qualities uploaded for different bandwidth speeds.

Direct links to the high quality ones: FishCave (larger here), FishCave Looping (larger here) and FishCave Escape

That FishCave Looping just cracks me UP. I could sit and watch it for hours!


There were lots of stories about people losing (and “losing”) their cats in the comments to Tuesday’s post, which you can read here.

Joasia’s comment, in particular, reminded me of the cat I had when I was growing up, Tabitha. This is the only picture I have of her:

Tabitha was living in a cage with a rabbit when we adopted her, and I’m pretty sure that she thought she was a bunny – she certainly hopped like one when she ran. When I married my first husband in 1988 and we moved into our first apartment, I took Tabitha with me.

Our apartment was tiny – mostly one big room that made up a living room, kitchen, and there was a small bathroom off to the side. It had a sleeping loft, and Tabitha liked to hang out on the stairs leading up to the sleeping loft. One day I realized that it had been a while – maybe hours – since I’d seen her, and that was unusual. So I started looking for her, and in a place that small, there weren’t many places to look. I finally decided that she must have somehow gotten outside, and so my then-husband and I spent many hours looking for her with no luck.

I’m not sure how long she was missing; in my memory it was days and days, but it was probably only about a day. In any case, imagine my surprise when I was getting dressed for work, and I opened the drawer to the built-in dresser, and there she was, curled up sound asleep. I had to convince her to come out of the drawer, and she finally came out, got some water, and went back to sleep.

She was just the QUIETEST cat I’ve ever had, I don’t think it even occurred to her to meow and let me know she was in there.


Marshall’s all “Hey! Who’s in THERE?!”



And Mooch.

In the interest of freeing up a little room at the shelter, Blaster and Mooch (who have been at the shelter for a couple of weeks and are just waiting to have their last shots in a couple of weeks) have come to join the Cheez Doodles (and I’m just making them honorary Doodles, in the interest of making it easier for myself).

Marshall was super interested in this new development, and followed Mooch around.

“Who IS this new guy?!”

“Look at him, all up on the cat tree platform like he owns the place!”

There was lots of sniffing between Marshall and Mooch, but no hissing. At least not yet!

Grant got immediately flirty.

“Hi, stranger! You sure are purty!”

Blaster (the hisser on the right) is a little more high-strung.

And Marshall was like “What’s HIS problem?!”

I love that orange smudge on Blaster’s nose.

Blaster and Mooch are just about the same age as Marshall and Grant (3 days younger), and they’re named after guinea pigs in the Disney movie G-Force (I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m told it’s awfully cute).

So far, things are going well – they tend to stick in their own groups, with Marshall, Grant and Gilbert playing with each other and Blaster and Mooch playing with each other. There’s been some hissing, but it’s mostly for show.

Yesterday afternoon, when I was laying on Fred’s bed reading, the kittens played and ran around and nursed on the blanket I was laying under, and I thought they’d never settle down. But they did, and finally (with no camera in reach, of course) I had five kittens laying on me, all of them sound asleep. I mean, it only lasted for about five minutes, but it was sweet while it lasted!

Dennis, by the way, is OVER this kitten situation and would like them all to go away right now, please. Especially if they’re going to insist on trying to nurse on his belly furs.


How beautiful it is to do nothing…

..and then rest afterward.


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  1. Honorary Cheez Doodles are way cute! I think the names go well because there are Cheez Doodles that get an extra “blast” of cheezy goodness and many would probably like to “mooch” some of that goodness to have for themselves. So PERFECT names!

  2. That picture of Marshall and Mooch smooching/sniffing is killing me!! I think I’ve fainted from extreme cute exposure about 4789 times since 6am ET.

    LOL, Blaster. Hissing away like he has so much to be hissy about!

  3. I would like to smooch Mooch. And looks like it’s all quiet on the tummy front, Corbie.

  4. Wow, that’s really dastardly of you to just spring those extra Doodles on us like that. I nearly died! This batch, and now with the newcomers, just seems like it’s going to be so much FUN!!

  5. FIVE?!? Yay! Those new Cheez Doodles sure are cute too.

    Those two picture right beneath “MEET THE NEW GUYS” are just ridiculously adorable!

  6. Oh, the newbies are so, so cute! Marshall and Blaster could be brothers! I have fallen head over heels in love with Mooch, that is for sure.