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Contemplative Scorch.

“STOP petting me. You think I climb into your lap for you to PET me? NO. Just stop, lady. STOP.”

Snoozin’ time.

Scorch and his sistahs.

Puff and the Norbs, once again in that basket. They love it SO.

Khaleesi keeps an eye on the babies.

How many Dragons can we fit in that basket?

The head size difference is pretty amazing, no? (Ember on the left, Scorch on the right.)

Norbert checks out Khaleesi’s food, while Khaleesi supervises.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hallo, pretty girl.

“Lady, there’s BIRDS out there. How do I get to them?”

Jareth has such pretty eyes.

Got it!

Got it again!

Getting that toy isn’t the problem – KEEPING it is.

Leapin’ Leia.

“Wahhhh! I’m da BAYbee!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Because I apparently cannot read a calendar, y’all got a dose of Sugarbutt yesterday when it was Newt’s turn. So today you get Newt AND Maxi, you lucky readers!

Pretty Newt. I imagine this is very much what Scorch is going to look like when he’s an adult.

Maxi, keeping an eye on stuff. I’ve been meaning to tell y’all this – Maxi went to the vet last month for her yearly checkup. She can be a scaredy cat, so I thought she would be that way at the vet, maybe hissing and even smacking at them. She was actually SO into the attention and petting the vet tech and nurse gave her that she was purring like crazy and DROOLING with happiness. (Maxi initially belonged to the people who sold us this house. They didn’t take her with them because they “couldn’t catch her,” according to them. Yep. I can see how that would be a problem. NOT. Clearly I’m wearing my judgey pants when it comes to this topic.)


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6-6-13 — 31 Comments

  1. Maxi as an extra gift added to the house? So much WIN! Just think how lucky you are, Robyn! 🙂

  2. Wow, Maxi is gorgeous and her previous owners are dumb ______! Wearing VERY judgey pants. I can’t tell you the ridiculous excuses I hear at the shelter that I volunteer at. However, you were definitely the winner here.

    In the Scorch with his sistas picture, I was thinking that Ember looked sooo little in comparison….and then it became apparent that she IS tiny! Cute baby! Scorch’s belly…well, it needs snorgling. I think he will look like Newt. Someone will be a very lucky new owner! Leia…beautiful girl….Norbert…adorable!!!! I have a feeling that Khaleesi may have an easier time weaning her little ones than Kate did.

  3. I think I’ll wear my judgey pants today, since everyone else is.
    I want a baby dragon kitty for my house. But can’t see how I’d pick a favorite!

  4. I think you had better recheck that clock, Robyn. It can’t possibly be snoozing time with as awake as those kittens appear to be.

    In that second picture of Puff and Norbert, the combination of the horrified expression on Norbie’s face and his paw furiously trying to stiff arm him brother makes it look as if Puff has nefarious intentions of some sort. Puff would never have nefarious intentions, would he Robyn?

    Even Aslan got his judgey pants on this morning, but let’s face it… Maxi won the lottery when she got thrown into the deal for the house.

    • You know how when your kids are little and all they want to do is PLAY at nap time? They were totally like that. “Sleep? But we gots TOYS!”

  5. That news about Maxi eclipses all those beautiful kittens, Khaleesi, and handsome, cuddlesome Newt. So she wasn’t a pushover at the vet last year then?

  6. Those pictures today of Khaleesi look like she is still trying to figure out where Norbert came from!

    Maxi is such a love! That’s my judgment for the day. 🙂

  7. …I wonder if Ruth’s early consumption of cat food in addition to milk will help launch her forward a bit in the weight-gain-rate department (vs the non-eaters)…? (Also–Any idea how much Khaleesi weighs now?) 🙂

    • I actually don’t know how much Khaleesi weighs right now. She’s giving me fits the past two days because she’s decided to be FINICKY and stopped eating what she’s been eating and so we’ve been offering her different foods to see what Her Highness would prefer (GRRR). So I’ve been avoiding weighing her because I just do NOT want to know at this point.

    • I had forgotten the part where I said I was wearing my judgey pants in the post, and I saw your comment and was like “How on earth does Connie know what I’m wearing today?!” HEE.

  8. I’m glad you took Maxi in. I wear a black gown and pass judgment: People who move and leave their animals have NO logical explanations! The penalty is a slap upside the head and a stiff fine.

  9. Robyn, I want Ember and Norbert so bad. I sent you five Peppers via Lisa McDowell, but alas I live in Tennessee and Scooter (yelping chihuahua dog) and Bo (big black cat) are spoiled rotten and probably wouldn’t approve of two tiny Dragons.
    BTW, I am so glad I checked my spelling, I had left the p out of spoiled.

  10. I ALWAYS have my judgey pants on when it comes to people making dumb decisions regarding pets. Earlier this week, one of my Facebook friends was all, “I hate that my inside dog has a period. What can I do with her?” Um, duh. Been wanting to vent about that all week, but can’t do it on Facebook, obviously. I did tell her to get the dog spayed, but she was like, “We want to breed her one time.” So stupid. I especially judge people who don’t spay/neuter their pets.

    Love the fluffy face kittens, as usual. 🙂

    • God save me from those people. I’ve had someone tell me that her unneutered male cat was going to be an outdoor cat because he was spraying everywhere. She didn’t seem too impressed when I told her that neutering would help that. Grrrr.

    • Tell her the statistics of how many dogs/cats die at shelters every day in the US. Tell her that for every puppy she breeds, another puppy dies! Tell her that the chances of one or more of her puppies dying in a shelter is HUGE!! There are not enough homes for all the dogs/cats now…why would she want to add to this problem with REAL LIVES???!!!!

  11. I’ve got the big judgey pants on. When my parents moved into the last house they bought the previous owners left an untrained large dog in a badly made kennel in the back yard. They had to call animal control to have the animal removed, because no one could get near the animal without him trying to bite them. Love the dragons want to keep them all, but know I can’t. I have my limit of animals. I really love Norbet he’s such a sweety.

    • OMG there should be a Doctor Who litter of kittens! Rose and Donna and Martha! Doctor and Jack and Rory! Amy! Clara! Oswin! <3

  12. In that second basket picture, Norbert is like, “Keep that big head away from me. It’s skeery!”

  13. How are the Royals doing without Kate?

    I love Scorch and his big head, but also think Ruth is beautiful!

    • They’re doing great – they’re actually friendlier, and whereas before they’d spend a lot of time following her around, they’re now spending all their time hanging around us. Without Kate to distract them, they’re deciding that the humans aren’t so bad. 🙂

  14. It’s hard not to be judgy with such a stupid comment. These people never heard of opening a can of tuna?

    Norbert is such an idealized, stylized concept of a cat. Like some anime cat from Japan. Still say Ferrari wants to borrow those simple, sleek but powerful curves for their cars.

  15. Ran to get my judgy pants so I could join everyone else. There is no excuse, EVER to abandon any animal. But I think the last owners did Maxi a favor, because she fell into the sweet life with you and Fred and everyone else at Crooked Acres!

    Ember really is a tiny little peanut, isn’t she? And how can you have the Norbs in your lap and not pet him? Did you explain that to him? He just doesn’t understand.

  16. Your comment that Maxi was not enamored of last year’s vet makes me wonder: Maybe the former owners… let’s say, “displayed less than optimal behavior” so she learned to steer clear of them? I think most animals have a sense for who’s a good person to be around and who should be avoided. (Not to say that last year’s vet was a bad person and should be avoided, just that maybe Maxi has her reasons for who she takes to at first sight and who she hides from.)

    The first picture of Scorch should be in one of those “first world kitteh problem” memes. “I want to sharpen my claws, but my owners don’t have any nice furniture, rugs, or shoes” or “I climbed all the way up to the kitchen counter, but there was nothing to knock off.” Adorable.