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Throw Back Thursday

June 2007; Sugarbutt on top of the fridge in the laundry room. What’s most amazing to me is that there was actually room up there for the cats. I’ve had stuff piled up on top of that fridge for as long as I can remember. Also, I’m not sure how he got up there. (We have two fridges – one in the laundry room, one in the kitchen. The cats regularly jump up on top of the one in the kitchen.)

Remember how I mentioned recently that we had put that piece of metal up on the tree back in 2007 to stop the cats from climbing the tree? Here’s the reason why – Tommy in the tree (and Mister Boogers supervising.) I’m blown away by how bare that area is in this picture – because now there’s all kinds of foliage next to that tree, along with three houses for the cats.

Tommy up in the tree, and displeased about it. You can see that he had Softpaws caps on his front claws, which obviously didn’t slow him down at all.

Speaking of cats up trees, here are Joe Bob and Newt, up in the Poltergeist tree in 2009.

This is Stinkerbelle, meeting her beloved Tommy for the first time back in 2007. I would have sworn that Stinkerbelle took one look at Tommy and fell in love, but here she is, hissing at him. I guess the love wasn’t immediate (but it also didn’t take very long.)

Stinkerbelle (whose name was Maryann back then) and two of her litter mates. The little tan and white kitten (Spanky) wasn’t skeered of Tommy at all!


Thursday Thlurrrrrpday.


Two short videos for you today – in the first one, the Cheez Doodles say “hi.”

YouTube link.

And in the second Gilbert, despite having spent several hours in Dennis’s presence the night before, decides to floofy and drama queen-y when he finds Dennis in the foster room.

YouTube link.


Even Alice is thlurrrrpy today!

YouTube link.


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  1. Oh oh! Too many cute things to comment on! Cats in trees! Yikes, I’d freak! Baby Stinkerbelle! Oh my gosh, What a sweetie! Kitten tongues! SQUEEEEEEE! Tiny little orange floof suit! *thud* Alice being goofy! Awww! And it’s sing along time! Oh so much cute, I feel faint…

  2. I couldn’t help it and converted some of the Marshall FishCave video (a couple of posts back) into animated gifs. They can be found here!

    There’s three different ones (well, two and a loop) but I have differing sizes/qualities uploaded for different bandwidth speeds.

    Direct links to the high quality ones: FishCave (larger here), FishCave Looping (larger here) and FishCave Escape

    (and I totally checked with Robyn before posting this to get the go-ahead!)

    *double crosses fingers that this post works*

  3. Drama Queen Gilbert proves once again that there is nothing less threatening (or more adorable!) than a floofed-up hissing kitten.

  4. Thlurrrrp! I can’t be the only one who finds myself “thlurrping” when I look at pictures of kittens thlurpping! But it is kind of embarrassing when I realize I’m doing it sitting at my desk at work!

  5. Dang, think you need to start locking the wine up… none of these cats can hold their licker!

  6. I laughed so hard at Dennis’ reaction to hissy Gilbert; he’s all what the heck kid??

  7. I love that you call it the Poltergeist tree! That’s honestly one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen, and the part where the tree comes through the window is a big reason why.

  8. Does miss Alice Mo have to attack her tail in order to wash it, too? Our calico, Molly, has very violent tail-bathing sessions!