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Boy, that cat tree is looking rough. It needs a serious cleaning! That kitten, however, is looking fabulous, with his swirly self.

Gilbert gets bitey with Marshall, who is MINDING his OWN BUSINESS, climbing the cat tree. Grant, over there on the other cat tree, stays out of it.

“Ooh, a toy!”

He’s like a little spider in there, laying in wait for someone to come along so he can grab them.

Gilbert the silly monkey.

Bitey Gilbert.

They play so rough at this age – and then they’re appalled and shrieky when the kitten they’ve attacked gets the upper paw. Such little brats.

Here’s a video of Marshall and Gilbert playing roughly. They’re so adorably evil at this age.

YouTube link.


Jake had his hairs did.

He’s the height of fashion with his Jakehawk.


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6-4-14 — 22 Comments

    • Haha – FRED is the one who gave him the Jakehawk. Fred swears that he didn’t do any licking, but I’m skeptical. 😉

  1. I need Fred the Cat Whisperer to come to the OK and try to tame a couple of semi-feral kitties that have joined my outside cat at mealtimes. I think they are girls (can’t get close enough to find out) and they are both just so pretty.

  2. Why do roughhousing kittens (puppies, too, I guess) always seem to try to bite each other’s privates? I always cringe when somebody goes for the tender spots!

    • I know, right? I was aghast at all the butt-biting that was going on in that clip! Naughty boys!! They also tend to try to disembowel each other a lot with them back feetz!

      • I prefer to think they’re going after each others’ tails. I mean, I know they aren’t, but I like to live in my own fantasy world. 🙂

  3. Now that Fred is a fur stylist, I think Robyn needs to line up all the male residents so he can give them ‘hawks, then take a picture. THAT would make an awesome calendar! lol

  4. Jake has the loons and a mohawk??? Don’t know if we can stand that.

    the best part of kittens hiding in something – when they get attacked from above from another kitten. 🙂

  5. The Jakehawk is so amusingly great! Now all you need to do is put that “loonicorn” horn on Jake’s head and he will have reached “peak loon”.

    I loved that video of the kittens roughhousing around like crazy monkeys. Gilbert makes for the cutest trap-door spider EVER! (which isn’t that hard to do, considering that those things are scary!)

  6. It is good to know I am not the only one who gives kitties “hawks” !!!!

    Loving all the videos of the Doodles !!!!!

  7. Is it just me, or are there look-a-likes in the past years? I think Creed looks like Norbie and one of the Rescuees (Gavin?) looks like Gilbert.

    • Oh, definitely – of course, with the number of fosters who have come through here, it makes sense that at a certain point they’ll start to remind us of previous fosters.

  8. Gilbert looks like he has a secret message on his side. Perhaps his fur holds the answer to life, the universe, and everything?