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Grant, Gilbert, and Marshall. I love the difference in their eye colors.

Grant was happily chomping upon this basket, when something caught his eye and he was all “Huh?!”

“Where’d that ceiling fan come from?!”

“Look, Dennis, look! It’s my butt, Dennis! My butt!”

“Dennis, my butt! Did you see it? Did you see my butt?”

“Should I show him again to make sure he saw it?”

Blaster, snoozin’.

Mooch, dropping off. These kittens are always either go-go-go or at a complete stop. No in-between!

Gilbert’s Oliver Donovan impression, again. “Dude… wait, what?”

Blaster, sound asleep. If you think I didn’t kiss his little pink nose, you know nothin’.


Miz Poo has places to GO.

She’s 15 years old now. Who knew the old girl still had so much zip?

She can MOVE when she wants to.

Sweet girl.


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6-10-14 — 24 Comments

  1. I had no idea that Miz Poo ever went outside; great to see her in such splendid form!

  2. Oh, that Marshall! lol… such a cutie-pie! I am quickly falling in love with him!

    And I adore the action shots of the Poo!! My girl is 19.5yrs old and she’s still got a little spunk, too! It’s always great to see the older kitties enjoying themselves!

  3. Go get ’em Miss Poo. The pic of Grant chewing on the basket killed me. Just something in his expression. I cannot tell if it is naughty or nice. I have a question for you. My sisters neighbor just adopted a kitten about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure how young but it is little. Apparently the kitten smells like , and I quote, “butt”. I suggested they give it a gentle wash with baby shampoo. I thought that maybe this is one of those kittens that liked to sleep in the litter box at the shelter. However, the neighbors say the kitten does not clean itself. Not just the south end but the whole body. I think maybe kitten was taken away from Mommy too early? How do we teach a kitten to take care of whole body hygiene?

    • I would start out with a bath…gentle shampoo is the way to go. They do make pet wipes….using those may give her the idea. I haven’t had a kitten completely have no idea – with my adults around they eventually get the idea.

      • I agree with Random Felines, that’s what I’d do – give her a bath and then start using the pet wipes regularly. I’d think that the action of wiping her down with the wipes would (eventually) kick her natural instinct into gear and she’d start to take over that duty.

    • You can get pet wipes for cats at PetSmart or such. Great way of wiping down your kitten without the trauma of a bath. We had an adult cat come into the shelter all greasy. We all took turns wiping her down for a few days, still she was no longer greasy or smelly. She smelled b-a-d to being with.

    • I had one like that, it just smelled nastier than I thought a cat could smell. If it still continues and they’re not gaining weight, it might be worth a quick vet trip.

      The smell off Penny was so bad I had the vet test her for something. I offered feces but they checked blood instead. Said she was fine but it took a month to get off whatever she’d been eating at the humane society and the streets to work through her system.

      • Thanks all. I will suggest the kitty wipes. Sounds like a good idea. There is an older cat in the house who I am guessing will teach junior a few things.

    • for what it is worth, I’ve had kittens not groom themselves, and usually it is because they aren’t feeling well. grooming is very instinctual.. I don’t think it would be wrong to suggest that the kitten get to a vet for a once over.

      every kitten I had who wouldn’t groom did eventually. now getting them to cover up in the litter box, that one I haven’t been able to change.

  4. Robyn, seeing those pics of your old girl (I’d never say it to her face!) make me smile. My old girl is sixteen, and I’m having trouble finding toys that hold her interest. All I’ll get is a tail flick and an “Am I supposed to find this amusing?” look. Do you or your readers have any suggestions for toys for older cats? She loves her brush, the occasional crinkly ball, the broom, bird watching, a good napping spot and that’s about it. Thanks in advance!

    • My older girl just LOOOOOVES talking to the birds on the feeder. If you have a set up that allows for a feeder where the kitty can sit and watch that might be fun. She chatters all day long at the birds. And she also wrestles with her ‘brother’ a couple of times a day. She is not one for toys though. She will sleep in one of those nylon cubes but she does not play with them much, just sleeps in them.

    • I’d suggest giving Da Bird (I got mine off Amazon, but I think you can find it at Petsmart) a try. Miz Poo doesn’t play much, but when Da Bird comes out, she gets all wide-eyed and super interested. We always make sure to swing it over by her so she can get a few whacks in without having to wade into the crowd of cats.

        • Third for Da Bird. My 15yr old girls absolutely adore it (to the point where I have to keep it out of sight and reach when it isn’t playtime, or else it’d be dragged all over the house). šŸ™‚

  5. Hello! I’ve been mostly lurking since the True Bloods and their eyelips! I comment/ask for advice rarely, but I saw your post on facebook for the fundraiser for the cat with cancer. I was wondering if you’d also post mine. It’s through Fundrazr, for my cat Sunny, who has FIP. We are trying to treat homepathically, but with some vet visits needed to help with fluid build-up. It also lets me give ‘perks’ to people who donate over a certain amount (I’ve picked $20 for a perk) I make beaded jewelry and other beaded things, so that’s what I’m giving away. I also have an etsy and facebook page for my beaded projects, which are linked (I think) in the Fundrazr.


    (What’s pretty sad is, I’ve been posting this funraiser for two weeks now on my facebook, and the only people who’ve donated are strangers from the kitten cam community, and none of my ‘friends’)

    • Hi Becca – I’d be glad to share the link – I’ll be sure to post it on Facebook, probably tomorrow. I hope it helps!!!