6-12-13 – Charming & Puff Wednesday

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Charming is just a pretty, floofy, giant ragdoll of a kitten. He’s laid-back and will pretty much let you do whatever you want to do (within reason) to him.

“Aslan’s biting my tails. Whatevs. It is to laugh!”

Deep thoughts.

Just chillin’. Charming was the very first Royal kitten to brave the front room while we were watching TV, to climb up on me, and take a nap. Most of the Royals will let you snuggle them for a moment or two, but Charming will let you do it for a good, long time.

“Oooh, toys! I LOVE TOYS!”

A tiny bit of the attitude.

Just so PRETTY. And he keeps his ruff bright and clean at all times.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Check out the stripes on Puff’s little tail. Aren’t they the cutest?

“Norbie, you’re sittin’ on my HEAD.”
“Yeah. So?”

“I bite you butt.”

I love his white mustache – and the way the right side curls up.

Why why whyyyyy do their eyes have to change when they’re still so little? Oh, I love those gorgeous blue eyes so much!

Puff’s motto: PAWS UP, Y’ALL.

“Dis my basket and I lubs it.”

I wish I could get a better picture of it, but he has a little bit of an underbite and I ADORE IT SO.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Silly, happy Joe Bob.

That boy just throws himself into naptime.


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6-12-13 – Charming & Puff Wednesday — 21 Comments

  1. Charming’s name suits him down to the ground; and speaking of charm, how touchingly awkward does Norbert look in today’s post?! That boy is the gift that keeps on giving, but so are all the CA kittens and cats, as Jobey Joe makes so beautifully evident.

  2. Love Charming! Tuxies rule. I thought from earlier pics he was going to be long-haired, but not so much as he grows huh? Little Puff is super cute too (but Norbert, sigh, the black and white just does me in.)

    • He’s not all-over longhaired, but his tail is fluffier than, say, Aslan’s tail. So I’m classifying him as “a bit floofy.” 🙂

  3. Seeing the picture of them in the basket a few days ago (three fitting…barely) and now, it’s amazing how much they’ve grown in size in just a few days!

    And has poor Khaleesi at least started eating something yet…? (I worry whenever a kitteh doesn’t eat…have one of those myself!)

    • She has! Sorry, I should have updated y’all. Apparently what her majesty wanted was something OTHER than what we’d been feeding her. She’s been kind of making a pig out of herself lately, actually, with some help from the babies. 🙂

  4. “Charming & Puff Wednesday”!!! Oh, it’s gonna be a good day, with a name like THAT. I’m gonna have a Charming and Puff attitude all day long 🙂

    (Also — the cuteness level is just out of control. Seriously.)

  5. A call out to all the caring people out there. A wonderful couple, Marcia and Joel Galven, have given so much to people. Marcia organizes a county-wide baby shower every year (for past 3 years) as well as other charity events. Joel works with homeless veterans. She and her husband went down to Moore OK to help with tornado clean up (they live in Wisconsin) over Memorial Day weekend. Now they need help.

    They are a young couple and they bought their first house 6 months ago. There home is in the country and so ticks have turned out to be an issue. In the past, Marcia won’t dream of using Frontline or any other chemicals on her animals. She has 2 dogs and 5 cats – most of the cats they rescued. Tebow was rescued from the road after being hit by a car and suffering a broken pelvis. He was just a little kitten. Last week, Marcia made a huge mistake. Marcia purchased Frontline for the first time this year. Unfortunately, the receptionist at the vet didn’t tell her she was putting both dog and cat treatments in the bag without their boxes. She did not know there were different ones for dogs and cats.

    Well, you guessed it, she gave the Frontline for Dogs to 4 of her cats. Tebow was saved as he was recovering from an infection on his back from a scratch or bite (he was at the vet on an IV when they were in Oklahoma) and Marcia did not treat him. She found two of the cats having seizures at 2:00 am. She rushed all 4 to the emergency vet. They were at the emergency vet or her vet’s office for 3 days. Two needed additional IVs the following day to get the poison out of their systems. The cats appear to be OK – no permanent damage. As you can imagine, the vet bills are crazy high. Marcia’s family and friends have started a collection to help them with the vet bills. Marcia and Joel don’t know about it as they would probably object. We want to Pay it Forward.

    I would ask anyone who would be willing to donate to help Marcia and Joel out, to got to You Caring at http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/let-s-give-back-to-the-galvan-s-and-help-them-with-vet-bills/64781 to help out. I would really appreciate it. Thanks Val

    • Done.

      That’s so very very sad. I was so worried we’d do the same thing a couple years back because we have cats and a dog. But luckily we didn’t have any complications.

      Although 4 years ago we actually were going through this kind of scare and treatment when the dog, as a puppy, chewed up my husbands psoriasis topical medicine. We got lucky that it was an almost empty tube and he saw that it had happened right away but Poydras was still in the emergency hospital for 3 1/2 days before he was allowed to come home.

    • Thanks for the info. I try to help folks out when I’ve got the money.

      (Been a tough year in TX/OK for folks so a lot of my “free” monies have gone there; glad this came at a good time)

    • Val, I’ve just donated to this wonderful couple. Their experience breaks my heart because there’s a new totally safe non-toxic, chemical-free alternative to Frontline and the other spot-on treatments that have sickened and killed many beloved pets already.

      It’s a disk that you put on your pet’s collar. If the animal is totally flea and tick-free when you first put the disk on, he will stay free of all external parasites for two to four years. (The new product is effective for four years. I have a limited inventory of the previous version, which is good for two years that I’m selling for $25 less than the total cost of the four-year disk now for sale on the website. If anyone is interested in buying these directly from me, you can e-mail me at charlenelinfu(at)gmail.com)

      I’ve held off on mentioning this product in the L&H comments because I didn’t want to appear to be using Robyn’s site as advertising space. But I hope she won’t mind in this case as it is relevant to the subject at hand.

  6. I am frequently accused of not putting my best effort into things, but now, thanks to Robyn and JoeBob, I can say I do fully throw myself into naptime!

    • I would take any of the Crooked Acres kittens (OK – Norbie is my favorite), but I don’t think my CJ kitty would adapt to having a sibling.

  7. Oh my handsome Prince Charming!!! YAY! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I loves little charming.. and Norbie… and Buttercup… and Puff… and Ruth… and, well ALL OF THEM – really!!! I, too, have a VERY soft spot for tuxies though! Joe Bob inspires me though – – I really do have to practice to do better at napping!

  8. I luf Charming’s little white whiskery face. And Puff is Snidely Whiplash kitty, with that curly mustache! Does he laugh like him? He should!