6-14-17 Wednesday

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Frankie looks like a bit of a hot mess in that picture where he’s laying in his DADDYYYYYY’s arms, but he’d only been home for about half an hour. He came through surgery just fine – had 7 teeth removed, and we’re hoping he won’t need another surgery. The vet said he feels good about Frankie’s prognosis, but of course only time will tell.

Thank you again to everyone who donated to the Frankie fund – Frankie’s not quite sure what happened to him, but once he heals up, I expect he’ll be glad to be feeling better. (And also, we’ll be sending out thank yous to each of you in the next week or so.)


Hello, Trouble.

He just looks so pleased with himself as he’s biting her leg, doesn’t he?

Pretty girl.

She puts up with so much – but you better believe she gives as good as she gets!

Pretty tabby girls. That’s Praline in the box and Roux ::thlurrrp::ing in the back.

Roux at the milk bar, Praline cleaning her ear.


Roux loves sleeping on that track toy. The cardboard must be comfy.

Sisters. Beignet front, Praline center and Roux in the back.

Nola’s just pleased that the cleaning-kitten-behind phase of her life is behind her, so to speak.

Beignet the floofy.

I love that she’s sitting there with her paw in the cardboard circle. It’s all the rage!

I told y’all that I’d report on the kittens’ weights yesterday and then totally flaked. Andouille weighed in the heaviest at 2 pounds, 15 ounces. Praline came in the next closest at 2 pounds, 13.6 ounces. Roux is 2 pounds, 8.6 ounces. And Beignet continues to be the lightest at 2 pounds, 8 ounces.

Nola weighed in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces. She was at 6 pounds, 2 ounces about three weeks ago, so she’s slowly gaining weight. I’m sure she won’t put on any significant amount of weight until the kittens are weaned.


“He’s behind me, isn’t he?”


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6-14-17 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. Oh sweet Frankie! I am glad he is back home and in safe arms. Give him forehead kisses from all of us. Poor thing! Prayers that this does clear it all up and he goes on like nothing ever happened.

    Each of those babies are just gorgeous!!! So glad to hear Nola is gaining a bit of weight.

    “Behind her”….bwwwwaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Excellent pun!

  2. Yay Frankie! I’m so glad his surgery went well!!! He’s got that post-surgery, dopey look, probably thinking, “heeeyyyy, are those fairies over there…dude…”.

    How do the Permanent Residents react when you bring one of the other PRs home from the vet? I used to have to separate Gandalf and Atticus for at least 24 hrs, because Gandalf was sure Atticus was a stranger cat (due to that “vet smell” that would linger), and that he must neutralize the threat by going all Star Trek “Amok Time” on Atticus’ ass.

  3. So that is over 8 pounds of kitten produced by one 6 pound 7 ounce mamma cat!

  4. Aww… hope Frankie heals up quickly and that this solves the problem.

    Also .. today’s previous posts are fabulous!!

  5. I was trying not to be stalkery, but I kept looking on Facebook and here yesterday hoping to see Frankie’s update! I was glad to see that first picture from Fred. I hope this works and Frankie is back to his sweet puppy-cat self soon!

  6. Poor Frankie, he looks like he was run over by something large and angry, kind of like the roof of his mouth.

    Glad he’s home with you and hopefully resting comfortably. I’d send ice cream (a nice creamy vanilla) but Robyn keeps nixing that idea.

  7. we were going to make the comment that Nola looks pretty tiny next to Andy, then thought maybe it was a trick of the camera…but dang he really is just about 1/2 her size!! purrs to Frankie for quick healing

  8. I think Frankie looks pretty darned good . . . considering! Hoping he’ll have a quick, complexity-free recovery and be forever free of pain. Today’s last photo is such a hoot — I vote for it and its brilliant caption to enter the favorites forthwith.

  9. I am so behind, so I know purrs for Frankie to feel better soon aren’t needed because he’s feeling so much better now, but I will send them retroactively, because why can’t you 😀 Purrs that he does so well that he doesn’t need another surgery.